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minimal one

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Maybe he should have a schnauzer in the room. He could toss a ball and the dog would bring it to him. Again and again the dog would return the ball.


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The town in which I lived had a prowler, a freak who in the night would kill people’s pets. Cats mainly, dogs sometimes, a horse once.


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Down on the rocks a thousand turtles sunned themselves. Between catching breaths Clay said he thought it would be a good idea to drop stones and break their shells.

Just Like Magic - by Arlene Ang and Meg Pokrass

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He was happiness incarnate—with large magic breasts, that was true.

Ravenous Dumpsters

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The dumpsters kept coming, ravenous in the mornings and gorged on failure in the evenings.

Bending Bottle Caps

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Always after opening his beer, my grandfather would place the bottle cap between his thumb and forefinger and bend it in half.

Getting There

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Her light blue eyes fixed on a point to our left, past one of the church steeples poking out of the flat, charred ground – like a toothpick protecting a birthday cake from its cellophane ceiling; an untouched bethesda keeping the never-blue sky from crash

White Space

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What counts most is not what's on the page, but what's left to the imagination. Has the writer left room for the reader to participate in the construction of meaning?

To my dead girlfriends

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You can call out,

Pomegranate juice thief walks home

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That is a six-word story. Notice that the meaning does not change with the word count. Syllabic count: pentameter (ten). Keep these commas.

A Present for Baby Brother

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TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM. Squeak squeak squeak squeak. TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM squeak squeak. TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM squeak squeak. TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM squeak squeak.