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This Can't Be True, But I Remember It

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She calls me by my name. She says I am her daughter.

Sleeping Through the Apocalypse

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The thing in the bed trying to see over the enormity of the loud and chuckling wife to the face of the Dad wasn’t real. It wasn’t You because You weren’t alive. You were neither the woman you’ve finally, impossibly become, nor the dead girl on the highway


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No pictures to see but those which meet you halfway.

Carpe Diem

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And as you try to read, he appears. No, not in front of you, but somewhere just behind your eyes. You hear the sound at the end of an argument, just before the kiss; you see a shirt fall to the ground in late summer; you watch him read as his mouth

Towards the End of Memory

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This will be the century of infinite sadness,/ sadder even than the Twentieth/ with its expansive catalog of horrors.

A Fracas in the Memory Palace

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I sat you down, took your hand; gentled, kissed, and unworded you.


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The single halter that I have -- a candle, or a torch, though fulgent -- is no solvent to absence. I eat in silence; I take, finally, like some communion wafer, a thought on my tongue, and swallow the cusp of evening.


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Each day, I lose more words-/ nouns and verbs- but especially// proper names. People and places

The sun, a perfect egg yolk

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Hod carrier, soon-to-be-father, he twisted the withered potato he kept in his trouser pocket to ward off the rheumatism. He hoped for a boy, yes, a little gossoon with fair hair and green eyes.

The Wanderers

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I remember songs I promised and never had time to write.

In The Garden of Unclaimed Urns

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The world has a way of losing its keys; forgetting its late condolences.

At Night, I Live A Life I Can't Recall

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these dreams at the edge of my memory, dimly lit and hazy

A Waltz Viennese

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We made a plan to see each other to chat more and so we did. I went to his little house in the neighboring town and walked in to a kind of time warp. It was a large living room, made so by it's emptiness. It was stark in the vastness it seemed, but dark.


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where will we be/ when it happens?