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I was floored, intoxicated, over the moon, drowning in lust, sick with love.

X, Chapter 13: Speak

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Mom was standing under the small archway between the kitchen and the living room, holding a mug of coffee in her hand. Since the chemo, her skin seemed to have evaporated, the blue and green of her veins were vivid through the cellophane of her skin.

Ma & Pa

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The rickshaw is a monument to Ma, who waves at gawkers, a beauty queen on a float of faded flowers.

The Fifth Chamber of the Heart

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I begged him, "please tell me again how it feels.""I can only describe it as a purring," he said of the slurry of snow falling inside his ribcage. He swallowed again. And then, "maybe it's more a feathered butterfly. It's hard to say." It apparently had begun, this…


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I heard the sound of a frozen flag clanging against its pole, ice on metal, the present on the past.

A Fracas In The Memory Palace

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I gentled you, unworded you......

They Will Tear You Apart

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I stared at the Clockwork Orange poster and thought about the knife that Alex held. I imagined it being used to cut out the thing that might be inside her. That’s all I saw whenever I looked anywhere. Things that related to our catastrophe.


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Reginald sat at the opposite end of the salesman’s desk, half-heartedly flipping through a large three ring binder of carpet swatches. Different thicknesses. Different colors. Purple for the adventurous. Beige for the safe. Animal patterns, abstract pat

The Missing Piece

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“I'll bet that vexatious cat ate it” ... he pictured the cat tiptoeing on the table where the nearly completed puzzle lay to snatch the last loose piece in its mouth as revenge.

Queen For a Day

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I. People were terrified by the epidemic and Mama tried to protect me by keeping me inside. I spent that long, hot summer watching television in our darkened living room. I wore my cowboy shirt and toy gun in anticipation of The Cisco Kid, Sky King and The Lone Ranger,…

Where You Were Dead

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i remember rocks hitting teeth and punching a kid in the mouth the way he bled on his white shirt that said, "Dino the Last Dinosaur"


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Her memory was a faded pastiche of the past, and indeed the present sat uneasily in the middle of the dreams that governed her mind; so it was that often she would forget the day, the time, the year.


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Chet Baker mourns for you, New Coke mourns for you, Roddy Piper mourns for you, 8-track cassettes of Humble Pie and Bachman Turner Overdrive mourn for you

Float to Water

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I don’t remember the name of the boy in high school or if I cried at his funeral

Fade to Oblivion

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Hey Rimbaud your picture is everywhere in the catacombs and great halls of this cavernous convention center randomly posted, haphazardly placed on pillars & walls, stairways & escalators tables & floors & elevator doors that iconic…