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you'll call it jealousy, but i promise youit's really not, because i wouldn't liketo have your life any more than i wouldmine. because really, i lead a life notunlike that of a housecat, knockingaround and getting spooked by closingdoors when i know nobody is in. what…

Queen For a Day

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I. People were terrified by the epidemic and Mama tried to protect me by keeping me inside. I spent that long, hot summer watching television in our darkened living room. I wore my cowboy shirt and toy gun in anticipation of The Cisco Kid, Sky King and The Lone Ranger,…

From Time To Infinity

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On some evenings, when I would sneak out of my room, I'd sit on the verandah and count the streetlights. I'd count the stars in the sky and trace the moon with the tip of my finger and consider how anyone could make it through the night when there were so

Fragile Things

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She asks me what she should do, and I say I don't know because I'm no good at handling fragile things. She says, let's talk about you. I say I can't - phone signal, you know. She calls me anyway, twice, then leaves a message saying that she just wanted to

Hill in Autumn

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Fall wildfire follows with leaves burning like embers of red, yellow, auburn and brown. She loved the view. Lisa Hill requested main floor access for her doctor, medical staff, and finally hospice where it seemed an appropriate choice for comfort and ca


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he wanders the house/ crying for the hairless tomcat/ (gone for the night/ on an overnight job).

For days I could speak only in clichés

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There is no other way / to tell you: I woke up afraid I was going to live. / There is no other way to say how I was overwhelmed / by the mundane things – / dishes, the shower, breakfast – / I could not be anywhere.

140 Words on Solitude and Being Alone

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As a child I drowned myself in the pages of books, and as a writer I prefer to be left alone with my imagination.

Living Alone

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The thing about living alone is, you’ve got no one to scratch your back. If it’s a whisper of an itch, a fleeting thing, it can usually be taken care of by leaning casually against a doorframe and swaying back and forth. Which can actually be quite nice,

Fuzzy Mollis

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It was a quick jolt of suspicion. My small kitchen has barely enough room to turn around in, yet I had the sensation I was being watched. When I experience it again, just seconds later, I realize it is real eyes watching, not a camera.

The Answer at the Bottom of the Stairs

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She knew she had missed a step as her body rolled down the stairs. Panic set in as the world flew by her at lightening speed. Would she survive?


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He had been the innocent stooge for a young girl's selfish dreams. He vowed to be more careful. He would rather be lonely, if need be, than compromise himself with girls like that.


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It's not loneliness I'm afraid of. It's how I would be happy to be alone too much.


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It was that special ache between heart and stomach that made me stop things. That ache that cannot be caused by the mere knowledge that you have steered your life into a completely wrong direction. To feel this pain, you also need to have no clue why and how it…

my love for you

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my love for you/ is like the falling snow