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A Funeral for Eddie Moon

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‘It's perfect,' said Maggie as she lay in the casket. Harold Barnes offered his hand. ‘It's a shame he never got to see it,' Maggie continued as she climbed free of the coffin.

Conspiracy Theory

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"It's not that I don't like sex. I just don't like it in literature," she declared, working her ostrich feather fan.


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Some nights you really feel it.

Larry's "Gonna Die" Parrtayye

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When we started plans for the party, none of us wanted Larry to die, most of all Larry himself. Actually, when we first started plans for the party, Larry wasn’t dying.

Well Enough Away

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Everybody knew the buildings were trying to kill us.

Damned Writers

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Didn't Max Perkins die, like they said?

None But The Righteous

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Susan was twenty-four when it happened again, but she had neither the patience nor the attachment to see it through.

Considering the Gods

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your God’s a jealous and judgmental prick,

Research Notes - Single Stroke Seven

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It is within my nature, and many others I know, to cling to what’s consistent and certain: the battles fought in the war for survival and the organic camaraderie borne in the trenches. Sometimes the quest and the people we commiserate with along the way


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...a session/ of hide and seek/ among the syllables.