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Nan - The Complete Novel-In-Stories

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In the wake of a family tragedy, Nan, a pensive young woman from rural Vermont, moves to New York City for college. As she makes her way through her new urban life, with all its dangers and excitements, she is haunted by the home she left behind, remember


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Hitler lay dead at my feet. His warm blood trickling away from his lifeless body.


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“What? Someone broke into your apartment while you were there and did what?” “The dishes.” “The intruder did the dishes?” “Yes.” “The intruder did the dishes?” A second time, skeptically, “And left a sweet note.” You would clarify.


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After nine months, I was granted early parole...

The Rider

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"The rider rode his bike in Arizona just about every day and for all the usual reasons....."


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The door of the Continental opened an old man, a true geezer, stepped out, scratched his baked potato-shaped head. He was wearing sky blue polyester pants, Velcro shoes, a white striped polo that accentuated his man boobs and turkey neck. This man hunched

The Laughter of God

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The doctor expected the padre at the birth of this child, first son to Ruiz the carpenter, but he hadn't been there. A new birth always seemed to please the padre. Later, over whiskey in the doctor's office, he would talk of what he would do for th

A View of Toledo

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If she hadn’t said, “The blueberries look good, Ash, don’t you think so?” so matter of factly in the market, the trip to Toledo, Spain would no longer have mattered.

I Know You

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On this clean, deceptively bright morning, the storyteller sat on a bench, pretending to ignore the male nurse standing to the side. The park was quiet and like so much in this strange world, felt thin. He was at that age where he ached in more places th

A Different Song

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That morning the birds sang a different tune. Marta awoke, ruffled in her sheets and stopped to listen. What was normally an upbeat and sunny musical number, a perfect accompaniment to the rising day, was instead awash with an…

Under The Tree

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There were echoes all around them, their shadows delirious and only existed in short spurts under the breath of the streetlights. They danced as their cigarettes leaked calligraphy across the night sky and she tried to trace it with her finger. He asked her what it said…


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As he told her what he wanted she relaxed once more; by the end, she was laughing. "I know it's a lot to ask," he said, finally, "and like I said I haven't got a lot of money..." She shook her head. "Sweetheart," she said, "this one I'll do for free."

The Blue Lady

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Normally Colonel Hidalgo of the Ninth Regiment wasn't a drinking man, but today was different. It had been a day to be remembered, one he could recount over and over while sitting on the porch of his retirement villa in the mountains near the Central

night vision (04:20)

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The commander removes his goggles (his eyes twitch and burn) but the dunes, enemy tank tracks, and full moon still glow a phosphorous green.

Icebreaker (second draft)

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A short play based on college life.