Pete Marchetto

Location Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Occupation Freelance writer

About Me

I am now working as a freelance writer, a luxury living in China affords me given that it's only necessary to earn a few tens of dollars to survive, even thrive. Consequently I'm spending my time here trying to build it up as a career before returning to the UK.

Ah well... a boy can dream.

My writing success so far - current freelance work aside - was back in the 1980s when I worked as a provincial stringer for the national music paper Sounds, (UK). As I proudly proclaim, I was one of the most published provincial stringers working for the national music press at the time, but you will note all the subtle wording in that making it sound more impressive than it actually is.

Fiction writing and my one claim to fame is my receiving a Writer's Award from Yorkshire Arts - and, bless 'em, a passable wodge of cash - again back in the 1980s.

The 1990s saw me largely abandon writing towards the end of the decade for acting, band management, travel, photography and generally being naughty in all manner of ways, the worst of which was continuing to refer to myself as a writer. Now I am trying to live up to the claim once more.

Why do you write?

The incessant nagging of the subconscious mind.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn - 'The First Circle'
Peter Currell Brown - 'Smallcreep's Day'
George Mikes - 'How To Be an Alien'
Bill Bryson - 'Notes from a Small Island'
Lin Yutang - 'The Importance of Living'
Lin Yutang - 'My Country and My People'
Garisson Keillor - 'Lake Wobegone Days'
John Fowles - 'The Magus'
Mervyn Peake - 'Titus Groan'
Mervyn Peake - 'Gormenghast'
Vikram Seth - 'A Suitable Boy'
Doris Lessing - 'The Old Age of El Magnifico'
Herman Raucher - 'Summer of '42'
Jonathan Coe - 'The Rotters' Club'

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Frankie Saxx – Mar 13, 2013

Hi Pete. Welcome aboard. :)

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