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He had what was commonly referred to in junior high as the ‘bullshit mustache’.


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Normally, Aidan looked like a guy. A highly feminine guy, but still a guy. He wore his hair in a buzz cut (a turn on of mine), wore tight clothes, worked out so he had a bit of muscle, but nothing over the top. And he was my guy.

Is This What You Do When You Think of Me?

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"Umm... T-shirt, sweats. You know, typical sleepwear for me. I had been in these jeans for the video shoot, but they had to go." "J-jeans, huh?" Lucas started to falter.

For As Long As We Both Shall Live

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"Of course I know," Aidan rocked him gently in his arms. "I know, and I don't care. You need help carrying that stuff around, cause it really sucks to carry it around alone. I know, I've watched you. But baby, we're in this together now."

At This Late Hour

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Whatever you do, do not take that twenty-minute drive out to Hawaii Kai. You know how it will end up. You knew it was wrong when you met him two months ago at the movie theaters. The first clue was his wife, leaning her pretty little head on his …


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He had the cannonball head of Hemingway, the stump neck, sloping shoulders and barrel chest.

Their Day

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The lace fell through the fingers, wrinkled and nimble they had become too used to avoiding the finite objects in life which needed attention. The white cotton sat loosely on her shoulders, the collar exposed the skin which had become dry and her shoulder

Accident Assurance

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They found your athymic neck/clipped like a bag of Skittles/and your lifeblood left a Rorschach test on the dash/in which they saw the future/and their own exits/(straight ahead and to the right).

Musk (Extract)

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He's clueless. Got no idea where he is. Some part of the city his feet have never tramped before. The smell of something tangy, like the remaining salt in a tub of popcorn, hangs between the blocks of flats. Then there's the man-himself scent. Tossed back…

A Stabilizing Element

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Hernandez, the name, is not hers. It belongs to Carlos. She's been meaning to change back to her maiden name, Matsuoka, but she hasn't found the time. Sometimes Martha wonders if she's holding on to the name for the same reason she's holding on to the Kauai wedding…

Small Things

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One of your roommates called to say your apartment was infested. You'd been staying with me in Brooklyn and hadn't gone home in weeks, but now you needed my help to remove furniture, move boxes of photo negatives, before the exterminator came to spray. I'd only ever been to…

After the Poison

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I've measured out our time togethersealed it in airtight bottlesthe one labeled 1998 kept closelike smelling saltsOne whiff a camphor waking memaking me high on the idea of usputting blinders on your infidelitiesdouble vodkas and damaging wordsAnd when that isn't enoughI…

A Jenga Piece a Time

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Ryuu looked up and saw color seep back into his life. Warm hues reached for his numb heart. His body's coldness was thawed with the tender embrace that wrapped around him so tight he couldn't let go if he had wanted to.

Falcon Eyes

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"Kinky. You gonna slug me one with your tight fist down there?" Falcon teased the biggest boy.