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After she died, clearing out her safe deposit box at the local bank, I found more numberplates.

A Letter to My Only Friend

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The lady—yes, it is grittily colonial but this is how she referred to her-- was with her family.

to reggie, antarctic baby daddy

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What I want to know is where you proposed to that woman who will be your wife. Was it Shackleton's hut? Was it where we heard the Weddell seals? Was it the McMurdo greenhouse where you keep the tomatoes and flowers? You jammed me into the basil and came a

To Whom It May Concern:

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Now, we can argue about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but there is no doubt that it takes eight spritzes of Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner, three spritzes of Lime-Away, and then a 30 second spray of Oust to incapacitat

Dear Reginald letter #1

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Some things just seem to disappear.

Dear Wigleaf

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I want nothing, he says.

Heaven Sent

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Another miracle is that the cake was a success, even without buttercream frosting. Yes, it was Swiss chocolate. It still is Swiss chocolate. The cake is still there. The cake is not gone.


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“What? Someone broke into your apartment while you were there and did what?” “The dishes.” “The intruder did the dishes?” “Yes.” “The intruder did the dishes?” A second time, skeptically, “And left a sweet note.” You would clarify.


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His audio archive of Bay Area musicians extends along two walls, twenty-five by fifteen feet, in drawers of C.D.s hundreds deep. Where will it go, I asked, permanently.

love's letter

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hello they say the rite of passage is falling in love and i didn't believe that until now. you took one look at my broken smile and showed up with your thread and needle and your mortar and sugar and took to work. you poured mortar on my mouth and sugar over my lips…

Has a letter arrived for me?

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“Has a letter arrived for me?” Billy sat on the third stair from the bottom, drumming his little hands on his Spider-Man pyjama bottoms. “Dad!”

For Rich

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history waits for no one

Oysters, Raw

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The wake, wait, it struts in golden gladiator sandals--New shore! For Sale by Owner, I bargain, compete with crustaceans, abalone and sugar crabs..

Pretend Friend

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no rule says an imaginary friend has to be a good one

An Attempt at Reconciling with the Non-Existent

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dealing with an over-aged imaginary friend gone rogue