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New Law Brings A Stink to Tax Payers

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"I can already see that we're going to have a lot of (expletive) on our hands"

Scene at the Courthouse

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Realization of one's ongoing decline. Not a bad thing.


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It was a taste of cold baked beans sliding down the throat

Josh and the Elder

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A cruel reminder of his irrelevance to the world of law, a world he had probably ruled for over 40 years.


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One of the founders of the site has a German shepherd dog named "Fritz Lang".

Oysters, Raw

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The wake, wait, it struts in golden gladiator sandals--New shore! For Sale by Owner, I bargain, compete with crustaceans, abalone and sugar crabs..

A Nocturnal Affair (an excerpt)

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In the interim I had developed a particular fondness for Susan. I thought of her on a daily basis and sought to ingratiate myself of her company at every opportunity. Susan reciprocated by calling my name whenever she saw me lounging on the wall.

The Model & The Artist

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I advertised in the local paper for a model.

Kash Mire

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You watch with frigid eyes, as their soggy woolens squelch dark mud, even smiling a little as they make croaking frog-lure noises. You know eventually a toad or two would land in the Frogger. You like the word Frogger.


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There are things we must not say.