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Is there one who understands me?


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I was sitting in a foxhole with old Troy behind a wall of sandbags at the corner of where the Presidential avenue meets the Ambassador's parade when be damned but a bloody lunatic in his jeep doesn't come along and he near drives his jeep into our sandbag

The Snotgreen Sea

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The only reason why Paddy talked to me at all was because I quoted from Ulysses. The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea! I shouted as I shucked oysters for the dinner rush.

Beckett not Joyce

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A lot of stink a lot of cheese. It must be what they liked.

Beckett not Joyce

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Gorgonzola. It's what she was to bring this time. Plumtree's potted meat. What it was last time.

In the nude

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The Italians live on top of the ruins of Roman cities and medieval settlements, of the towns and villages of the Visigoths and the Vandals, gesticulating, fornicating, craving poems, like all of us.


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"A little knowledge truly is a dangerous thing."

An Irish Seder

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The promise of free food and drink was too much to pass up since I hadn't played a gig in months and was living on peanut butter and celery. When Kelly called I was too hungry and thirsty for drink to turn him down.


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OLD MAN WANKING Throw my mini-mind into the mickeywave. Morty and Ferdie — busy each with pocket pool — keep an eye on the timer. This an old mickey — sometimes it sticks. Idea just to heat thought up. Not cook…