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It’s true enough my status as honorary male has come in handy in my profession, but I never considered matters of the flesh. I feel a surge of warmth between my thighs as if a cock is dangling there, thick and florid. The sensation is oddly exciting.


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The Japanese sun, blood-red and vibrant, like a Cézanne apple, was setting far away in the distance over the snow-capped peak of Mt. Fuji. For a moment, the intensity of the light blinded him. He could not see the road ahead. His front bicycle wheel wobb

Firefly Squids

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On the fisherman boat, we were told to place the helpless firefly squids in our mouths. I watched cheeks light up like light bulbs and I wondered how barbarism could be so beautiful.

The Fox in the Garden

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It was 1635. During the time of the Tokugawa, not too many years before the British were expelled from Nippon, Minister Miyoshi no Kyoyuki of Edo decided to indulge in a practice he had heard rumored of the British.

Opening Chapter from Mother's Beach

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He would be visible floating in the liquid nitrogen in the Plexiglas chamber, but the mechanisms for his maintenance would be silent. The building's electricity supplied power, but in the event of a power loss, an emergency generator would take over.


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He painted a woman on them, identical to the woman that kneeled by his bed.

The Mechanics of Crayfish

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The boys would plead to to catch it one more time, and though it was getting dark in the noxious dry swamp, where radioactive isotopes had seeped into the soil, Yuudai would urge them to recapture the crayfish.

Seven Samurai revised

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He would do his duty.

Shinto Haikus

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He walks down the path Carrying the rice basket Red foxes lead on

Clab's Craws

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I realized something must be terribly wrong.

Bad Dad

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When they were seven, he’d taken them out to the desert and let them shoot a .38 at rusted cans. The explosions rocked them back on their heels.

An Account of my Dwelling (for Kamo no Chômei)

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[B]y fleeing the city to live on the outskirts of nowhere—a place so far off the beaten path that even Duras’s aging Mr. Andesmas would have felt isolated—I was of course trying to escape from none other than myself.


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Our bodies bounced like bumper cars through the red-eyed rush.

BUTTERFLY, A NOVEL’s monologue:

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Many of you may think I can't talk but I do, excessively so and all jaws. I wonder if that's the reason I get burnt sometimes. And yes, I too have a life, hear me.I was born on a rainy day somewhere in Asia, when a stranger bought me on the antique Bird & Flower Market…

Butterfly, a novel by Julie O’Yang (excerpt)

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‘So what exactly did you decide?'It was two years later that Sato-san put the question to me. The two of us had been hiding for two bloody years, moving about in the marshes along the river, living off small, skimpy meals. We couldn't turn back to our unit, because Cesaru…