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Dog Tags and Caramels

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The house we both grew up in was still as cold. Smelled of grandmother pee. And grew darker and darker inside with only ma’s candles in the kitchen sink guiding us to not trip in hallways.


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94% Battery Power Remaining Last night I dreamt about a mutt whose tail never learned how to wag, and under a sun that gagged us with heat, the mutt sat stoned with its mouth belching cones of pot smoke. Sometimes the smoke shone orange – sometim

His Last Tour

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Each day over there didn’t transpire without taking a small piece of him with it. Every day, another chunk of his soul. He could feel himself being hollowed out, bit by bit, eaten alive by this ugly war's silent termites.

Nowhere in Sight

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Passing for a dead boy ain't gonna be easy.

Anfal means "to take everything"

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they tried to trick the sun

Monkey Business

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Benjamin stands beside his bed and unpacks his few things – wire cutters, knife, tape, line, two blocks of C-4, wallet, brush, and a small stuffed animal – a monkey.

Nested Story in Fallujah

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He's dead. He's dead, she cried. I still didn't move. I stayed there until dark. I thought it was my fault.

Iraq Insomnia

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I'm too exhausted to fight them in the middle of the night and I mean them because the dog starts to growl if I try to remove Evan back to his bed from there. They have formed an enemy pack.

Optimum Condition

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I have hate and it is black not midnight, crisp fresh clear. Unadulterated. It is dirty, poor, gritty solid rough like unripe stone fruit. A peach, mealy and dry. The killing, effete, endures. Silent, my repugnance, sick, eats…

In December, 1998, we dropped more bombs on Iraq

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This is between the two wars, so it surprises you when TV screens light up with this in the hotel breakfast room. You are in Delhi, you were supposed to fly home last night but fog canceled everything.