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It started (or maybe ended) with the boot flying off the balcony and bouncing in the dead grass in front of our building.


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His mother named him Far because she had high hopes for him

Opening Chapter from Mother's Beach

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He would be visible floating in the liquid nitrogen in the Plexiglas chamber, but the mechanisms for his maintenance would be silent. The building's electricity supplied power, but in the event of a power loss, an emergency generator would take over.

On Second Thought

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when thoughts of you waffle in through memories scent

I Follow

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Her shoes, left uninhibited below, seem sad but understanding, and she is so in love with something, which makes me so in love with the idea of her.

Some Notions Of Humanity

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We enclose in the end of us, a wilderness.At the bottom—A wounding and bloodful sea. Between these two cardinal points, we divide,We love and evolve matching witsBlown by incessant airs of nirvanas there. Heaven, herself, is but a ready-made featherKnocking at the…

The People We Like

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How hard it is to pretend to be someone else. Alone, together, in the silence... I thought about how you must really like me to act quite like that. I wanted to hold your hand and read the unsent love letters.

Blogging Therapy

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This blog seemed to find me. The post I read couldn't be real. The blogger had a session in his therapist's office without the therapist. He'd already been there once that week and paid his hundred and ten dollars. In thirty …


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I continue to compete nonetheless

An Imaginary Yesterday

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... I thought that if I were really a writer my imagination and the words that originate in it would already have chosen my future.

Starmen Live in Stars

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Giant stars are beautiful, when you stand directly in front of them.But touching them, is a whole other story.Junior had touched one. A strong burning sensation flew through his arm and down his spine. A feeling of electrocution and burning at the same…

The First Heart Attack, or What Happens to Your Daughter When You Die for a Little While

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There is no happiness found here. It was a dove darkened by honesty, by fear. Should you need happiness, find it elsewhere inside your mind. It is in this place where all things can be honorable and right. It is here where light turns outward.*While the…

The Atheist of Mirrors

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Don't mistake my eyes for supplication. My invisibility is your nightmare.


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What purpose other than misery/ can cancer serve? And Parkinson's,/ AIDS, and STDs?