On Second Thought

by Judith A. Lawrence

Looking back

you were not the perfect prince,

as a love crushed young girl

once described you,

or even the great intellectual

I had imagined you.


As a matter of fact

you were occasionally

do I dare say illiterate,

often caddish
where it suited your purpose,

easily disarming

the next casualty selected,

cold and aloof,

when warmth was expected.


Yet all in all

you were a rocket flare,

short lived, but spectacular,

memorable in so many ways,

even now in my dusky days.


I have to smile

when thoughts of you

waffle in through memories scent,

and Yves St Laurent hangs

too closely in the air,

or the thrust of a

patrician chin appears

on another "prince"

directing his full attention

on an unwary woman

sliding rapidly into

imagination's snare.