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A Wedding

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“We're so late right now,” she says. “Just chill,” he says and then runs back to his apartment. For lack of anything else to do, she puts her hands on the steering wheel and huffs. …

On Second Thought

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when thoughts of you waffle in through memories scent

Princess, Prince, Dragon

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I had to do everything myself.

A Manhattan Sartorial

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..."an obvious prince of the haberdashers."

Snow White: The Prince

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It's good to be me

A Spinster's Apprenticeship: Task Two

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How could one know the spinster from the spin?

Like a Prince

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I have acted like a prince muchof my life, never mind my gender.I removed your obstacles as otherskill dragons. And when I came downfrom the mountain, still covered in sweatand mist and dragon blood and the sweetsense of triumph, you, like a princess, hada haircut…