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The Cone of Uncertainty

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I slept through my first hurricane. Frederic struck late at night, and I was barely five years old and worn out from a long day of trailing my parents as they prepared for the storm--“battening down the hatches,” as they called it.By the time we bedded down in the hallway,…

In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried

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"Tell me things I won't mind forgetting," she said. "Make it useless stuff or skip it."

Licking around the rim

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Sure, it was a hot day, but the driver was in the middle of a driving lesson!


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“What about the other groups coming here?” I ask. “Were they asked what they wanted in these houses?” She turns and looks at me, like I've suddenly come onto her radar.

In an Irish pub with a lot of oiled wood

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“I love women. They’re like goddesses.”

The Little Things

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Incredibly he began to picture in his mind a scene not related at all to his frenzied search but of a huge plate of apple pie a la mode with the vanilla ice cream melting in streams like cool lava down the side of the pie and off of the plate.

The Ice Cream Mantra

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Chant the ice cream mantra. Prance the do dah day ballet. Trot the t-bone tango two-step. Dance the livelong day away.


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It's a pretty strange feeling when you think you're about to bite into some ice cream and instead it's gazpacho.

Tinkler Man

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As the light changed and exhaustion set in, Suzy and Molly batted back and forth one more knock knock joke to avoid going home.