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Pretty White Gloves

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He sits on a folded-over cardboard box, slightly off-balance and without any visible sign of support other than the granite wall of the bank behind him and the few coins in the paper cup he shakes at each passerby.

Speaking of Home

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“I can’t go back there,” he said. He was speaking of home, the home of his parents, the mere mention of which caused his body to tremble. Anything would be better than going back there, even death.

Statistics (or: Walking to Work through Lexington Market)

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I avert my gaze to the crab grass pushing through broken concrete, the spent condoms, the empty vodka nips rolling at her stockinged feet...

notes from the fourth circle (a revision)

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In the Indian summer, when our children went back to school but the heat was still rising from the ground, the unsightly hid among the low palm fronds, the saw palmetto, the scrub oak twisted through with vines.

Gasoline in E-minor

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Don't ignore me. You saw the man, you saw the woman, you saw their car. They have food wrappers on their dash and furniture in the back of their car. Observe, report, analyse. "Yes, that will be ATM."

Unintentional Hermits/ Animal Cities- The Helper

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So this was how it started. The next day Kia returned to sit with him a bit and the next day and the day after that until the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. Eventually she found out his name was Saul, that he had no 'proper' job, was o

Irish Drunk

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Your honour stinks of failed fishing trips to Galway.