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The New Meow

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I'm delighted to report that I've come up with my own school of thought. It's called, "Dress Like a Cat Until You Get What You Want."


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The growing idealist collected unicorns.

Happy Go Lucky

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He was Unremarkable. Fifth in line behind four others just slightly more remarkable than himself—sixth if one counted Test Subject 433 who wore the fuzzy hat and smelled like pork rinds.

The Shared Transgender(er)

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...I told Uncle Lou I thought it (trans-gendering) looked like a thoughtful way of occupying the world. It was a personal triumph, for some individuals, over the destructive affects of denial. Besides, it hurt no one, and it didn’t destroy property. I alw

Spoiled Meatloaf

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In a small, cozy diner lived a homemade meatloaf. The meatloaf spent its days lounging on a warm plate with some mashed potatoes and sweet corn. Together they watched television, argued about sports, and ate blueberry pie...


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Was I a dreamer? Was I asking for too much?


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On that balcony, on every other day, she practised her other, more worldly religion - gardening, specifically sunflowers.

Circus-thrust the Night Copier (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.6)

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Her fever spreads through lines of a plaid mini, over burnt milk, darkened to yellow. Fingers explore fabric folds up and into the lost dimensions of logic.

sudden onset happiness

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people talk about depression/ as a great black hound/ bounding upon them,/ teeth set/ for the heart.

That Buddhist Swing

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We spend life, or much of it rather, chasing epiphanies promised to us by hip prophets and free spirits.

Abysmal Insights, By Age

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16 - Only a thin membrane exists between imprisonment and freedom/There is no such state as 'freedom'. 26 - If we are reincarnated without the same memory, that = death of the brain = death of the individual = absolute death. 30. Unitarian?

A Well-Behaved Skeptic

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There is a backdoor to happiness it is for servants onlyas could have been predictedthere is also a backyard…


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Just another two years and he could leave, like Walt had. The steam rose from his mug in a slow brooding way. His mother smiled from across the narrow kitchen table. The tablecloth had a pea-sized brown stain in one corner. A few years ago, Jeremy had cut

Don't Trip On My Exit Switch

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It’s nice, but, it’s weird not being in love, or maybe in love, sometimes in love. (Or, not in love. Frankly, we might be not in love.) Or, both of us might be. Or, only one of us might be. (Good lord, I hope it’s never me.)


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When you happen upon my thoughtsA profoundly joyous feeling bathes me in its wavesFrom the earliest days and still continuingThis emotion builds itself into an intense stormSo strong as to have me smitten in the single beatOf my heartWhen our eyes meet, my heart stirs out…