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One day my mother's lover shaved his beard and legs. Said he couldn’t fit into his tight jeans anymore.

Unpacking Sentences

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This is what I do for a living: I unpack sentences.

Mabel Constructed the Quintessential Boundary.

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Mabel constructed the quintessential boundary. She carefully boiled down her pots and pans, her jewelry, her copper kettle, and the foils from forty six bottles of white pear cider into a silky metallic stew. Mable smeared the mixture onto a burlap…

The Ache of Logic

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There is a the reason for the theft of people and the melting of gold

Things I Have Done Instead of Celebrating Chocolate-Egg Day

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Read that bit in Alice about the mock turtle soup

Cellini's Salt Cellar

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An old man writes the story of his life into a book.

f**k xmas

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Christmas Eve arrives with a relief that the season of joy will soon be over so I can feel the pain I am denying myself. Rosie presses her face against the kitchen window, leaving ghostlike impressions of the tip of her nose and her lips on the glass tha

The Same

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The bus is late; the papers disappear. The china breaks, and the suit does not fit.