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Responses to a writing prompt on story structure, filled out moments after learning of my girlfriend's affair

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1. Main character: Promiscuous girlfriend. 2. Main character's goal: Wants to have a lot of sex. 3. Obstacle: Has boyfriend. 4. Character's idea of a solution to the goal: Cheats on boyfriend.

Old Flame

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The receiving line stretched into the lobby of the funeral home, which was decorated with faded Waverly wallpaper, dirty lemon yellow carpeting, and the kind of ornate white furniture I used to want in my bedroom when I was a little girl. The people in th

Convenience Store

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I’m casing the place; my boyfriend Jimmy is about to bust in and rob the store.

Things That Make Me Feel an Overwhelming Emotion I Can't Name

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Not being able to remember whether I fucked a man


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I flung the basketball at the hoop and Cooper shagged the ball. He was the luckiest bastard I knew. ...


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Locked at the highest rung Unable to budge at all


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woke up to the sound of a diesel looked out the window to see i’m not home outta bed to see if you had called not a damn thing on my phone

Losing my cool.....

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I thought I would be cooler. I had spent years working on it - being the "cool girlfriend". More than watch football, I could follow it and offer intelligent comments after ill-thrown flags. I delivered Hardee's Thickburgers to my boyfriend and his meathead friends at the…