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The Fly On Our Pickle

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I think I know that fly That fly followed us from our apartment on W. 11th St When I opened the door he flew right in and when we left, he flew right out again Followed us on the subway to Times Square Took the Shuttle apparently Followed


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I grabbed the overhead rail, flexing my biceps and easing my pelvis in his direction.


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Disappear noteless, without warning signs,

Fly n' Jelly

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Listening for a chain saw with one ear and to Todd and the trooper with the other, I’m trying to hustle up and finish my business - sweating in my coat and sweatshirt - and I think this: not so silly now, is it, this invisible or being able to fly choice?

Phenomenology- Short Stack

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The fly comes in against my will/ and hers. She would prefer/ the wider world with its piles of shit


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We flew./ In my dreams, I can fly.

A speck on the wall

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I’m leaning into my freedom and will have you take your portable prison with you and you can set those four walls across town.