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Scylla and Charybdis

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Two Great PoetsTwo Wonderful WorldsOne Flesh & BoneI liked this... love the image.... thank you for writing me this One Pixel ScrawlsIf I am to be nothing but pixel scrawls...then those scrawls will exceed that of far more than flesh and bone... …

Shining Against Each Other

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They keep shining against each other

A Lovely Appetite

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The fork plunged into her arm, and as I raised the knife to cut out a piece of flesh, she moaned with desire. With the delicacy of a newborn I slowly lifted the fork to my mouth and began chewing as she watched with a ravenous stare. With each bite her hands slid…

Eulogy for the Eating Disorder

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Never again will my body stay as you want it.


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We must sometimes see the world/ as the pale blue dot// surrounded by brighter dots/ and that endless field of darkest dark.

An Orphan of Fire

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I break your flesh and make music on the harp of your bones.