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Land of Milk and Honey

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“I need an enema.”The young woman at the desk has a tattoo on her right deltoid the size of a New York bagel. Abe Lincoln, as he might appear on an absurd five dollar bill.“Ok, sweetie, let me look at your orders.” The phone is ringing ringing…


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her skin was delicate, fragile, that old woman skin that appears to be translucent.the rip caused by the knife opened it up like tissue paper. blood welled for a moment, then poured out with real purpose.this was the delight he found in old ladies.. the scent of their…

Osmo's Bells

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Worldwide, sturdy bells quickly superseded decomposable, and edible, cheese balls as jesters' preferred cap ornaments.

Bedtime Story

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Let me tell you a story, child, of how your father became your father...

A Treatise of all the Weaknesses, Indispositions and Diseases Peculiar to the Female Sex from Eleven Years of Age to Fifty or Up

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The nurses wrapped her head, fingers and toes with linen. Arms and legs wrapped. Amulets placed between each layer. Arms and legs tied together. Scroll of spells placed between her hands. More wrapping. Large cloth wrapped around her and attached with str

But then you walked out on me

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I watched as you tried to fit yourself quite awkwardly into the small chair. Your eyes fluttered curiously around my house, and I smiled to myself. Your vision landed on my smile, and your face wore an expression of puzzlement."What are you smiling at?" you asked, your…

The Call

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I strolled mindlessly along the concrete pavement, the cool breeze carrying the characteristic scent of the night. I stared at the path ahead, but not really looking. My legs continued their automated operations. I didn't know where I was going, but that was all right - I…

DishPit 2050

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It was going on 15:00. The dish pit was slamming. It had been since eleven. Tommy grabbed some plates and put these on the line. Any sign of Tony? Tommy asked Chef. Not yet, Chef said. He said yesterday he didn't feel well. It's the 40 oz. flu. He's had that before. …

The Favor

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“You did what?” “Well, the bike is a classic. Getting the proper parts for it just isn’t easy.” “You’ll end up like smeared all over the road doing things like that, and I’ll have to pick you up again. Geez. Watch out for this branch-” Bruce held

A lie that will not lay down

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I knew the course and had as long as I remembered the name on this post, but I couldn't clue the knot, the part of me I was ‘minded of on reflection. Yes there was always somewhere over there but I knew only the ground under my feet and then that it…

A Place Called Hope

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It is a prayer he is saying, and it comes with the scent of apples, rotten. And terrible roses, all wanting something from him, something he can't give. He doesn't believe that he'll rise like the holy one, and go up, and be saved. He came here looking for something…

After the Party

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How faintly her body takes on the dress like lint on the air, a faerie mote and the empties take on a form junked on the table. The storm is only over when disabled after the exclamation of the rain, a dancing staccato across the pea shell…

Brown and Blue

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She was in love with a boy whose eyes were so brown that she sat stopped in the restaurant at the anniversary dinner with the spoon in her slow chocolate fondant. Out of the corner of her eye, around the back of her head, under the table knees knocking

At the wake of I love you

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At the wake of I love you. We were warm and not fizzy; it was the graveyard of “the comment.” A wake was being held for I love you. A good fellow yes? No on advice a laugh your face will regret a taunt to slap you from the…

flash non-fiction

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It was the sweetest relationship I've ever had.