Ingrid K. V. Hardy

Location Canada
Occupation Illustrator / weekend author

About Me

My day job is an illustrator - creating drawings and artwork for several equine organizations here in Canada, as well as creating sketchards for various trading card companies such as Topps and Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Writing is my illicit pleasure, and I am enjoying the learning curve greatly.

Why do you write?

What fuels my creativity? Chocolate. And feelings. I want to know how those feelings... feel.

I've been writing on the sides of my sketchbook pages for years, and finally decided to put direct effort into it, and now have been writing Flash Fiction for a couple of years. (it helps keep my mind off my addiction to chocolate...)

Any favorite authors? Books?

Susan Cooper, Andre Norton, Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, Margaret Atwood, and others...

Ingrid K. V. Hardy's Wall

Darryl Price – Oct 05, 2011

Ooh you are so lucky! Welcome aboard.

Ingrid K. V. Hardy – Sep 15, 2011

Thank you Darryl! I hope to read and post more often in about a month... I'm in the middle of a day-job project at the moment...

Darryl Price – Sep 14, 2011

Hi Ingrid--glad you're here!

Joani Reese – Sep 06, 2011

Hi Ingrid: Thanks for your response to "The Lost Boy." We seem to have the beginnings of a mutual admiration society.

Susan Tepper – Sep 06, 2011

Ingrid thanks so much for what you wrote about my story "kid", very much appreciate!

Robert Vaughan – Sep 06, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Ingrid!

Ingrid K. V. Hardy – Sep 06, 2011

Thank you for the welcome! I've a feeling there is much to learn here!

Susan Tepper – Sep 06, 2011

Ingrid it's a pleasure to welcome you! Your story for The Lost Children Project is very well written.

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