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Rain Will Come

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Sometimes the potatoes fall out.

A Tale of Two Writers

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A famous author and an inspired writer meet at a coffee shop, both looking for inspiration. The patrons there don’t know if this meeting is by accident or design, but they are in awe of Fame.

You Are Free To Leave

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All that was missing from this festival of the brain dead was Barney the goddamn dinosaur.

Her Head Sounserals Away

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"Bortne! Bortne! Shushort!" she exclaims, shooting her hands over her wobbly head in pleasure, causing it to again pop off. This time, it's a three story drop from a balcony. Terrified, he yells "Sneeeeew nuuuu! Oh nee padoooo!"

The Things about Her Coffee

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“One cup is fine, two, but 30 cups a day? That’s three pots. That’s pathological,” they say to each other.

Shoot first

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So I shot him. Right in the bollocks, though I doubt he felt it. I’m always open to being wrong, though.

Berthier Door

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On Day 1122 at 4:14 AM the door which has remained since installation firmly glued to the masonry behind opens and a man emerges blinking shielding his eyes against fine stinging snow.

The Legend of Bo Grass

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Bo ruled the city by suggesting new scent formulas in a booming croak of a voice that shook the earth for acres around, yet as a result everybody on the block smelled like fairy breath. Or, on his BAD BREATH DAYS all of the people reeked of rotted sushi f

If a Gun is Introduced, it Must Eventually Fire

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His note said: “I’m sick of low attendance.”

The Art of Nursing (#14)

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I wasn’t happy. I was a nurse, not a pill pusher. What was the big idea?

Three Questions on Distance Running

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Do you see the hot coals of doing? The way time sizzles or wilts…eat those coals.


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Behind them all, in the background, a tray of vodka tonics waits on a glass table, the limes losing color as they drown.

An Unheeded Return

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On an over­cast and humid day in August, Jesus—with Dad’s per­mis­sion, of course—decided to make his grand return.

A Natural Consequence of Things

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Belief is a hammer, like saying the mind is a piece of iron.

The Ghost of a Smile

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Bridges. Best reason I can think of to invest in contact lenses, and resign myself to sticking clear discs to my eyeballs every morning. Part of me knew this day would come.