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Celluloid Angel

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To be a wonder girl she wears a wonder bra isn’t a bore bothering with how it cuts her up inside the fabric so tight it

Boiling the Dog's Head

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Why hadn't I made a plan?

The Serious Writer is Assured She's A MILF!

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"Very young male writers want to have sex with you!" she squeaks. "More than one young male writer wants to nail you!" she adds.

Word, Dude! (and accompanying animation)

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I mean, I would like to have a baby soon because being a MILF is like awesomeness!

Letters from the Asylum (1)

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I'll be honest, and tell you that I am in a bad way. The weather is very hot up here, extremely so, almost hellish.

632 Elysian Fields

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Stanley drops my suitcase and gets a beer, leans against the sink like a wrestler. I see the same craziness in his eyes.

Feminist Strategy

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I was born the day after Christmas.

Madam, Domina, Femme Fatale

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The classic choice is between a Madonna or a Whore. But I say, there's a third choice. A Dominatrix.The Dominatrix will give you what you are most afraid to ask. Dunk your head in the water. Without fear or apologies. Without hesitation.…

Like Jeremy Irons

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Usually, you shop around carefully before condescending to see a new doctor, but this time you go to the first gynecologist who would have you, who has time available. Usually, you refuse to see a male doctor (you hate having male doctors!) but this time,


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It is she, she the economy of terror, the sexual economy generating libidinal, the being of being economical.

On Freedom.

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Unbind the memory’s Filthy rags So she is free to wear Lipstick, fishnets, and fuck me shoes.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Insanity

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But that also sounds like two-thirds of the feminist movement

Unintentional Hermits- Double Exposure

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She wanted her out, she just wanted to throw her out into the dark cold night.Why was she standing so close?The daughter could sense the mother's close proximity, she could feel the bottom edge of the newspaper scratching her skin through the silk blouse her mother had…

Blood Paintings Series

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Still I've said: motherhood is not for me. / And my own mother has cringed, thinking / of how she has tied her whole life / around that role.

Being Old is No Place for Sissies

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My natural blonde hair is no longer sultry. Instead of a Dietrich look, I now assume a dead on impression of Bette Davis in "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" some mornings.