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The "N" Word revised

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The shameful glance my dad shared with the black man made me know as we walked away that there was evil in the produce owner's laugh as he said "DANCE!". Heritage not hate my ass

Science Homework

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The difficulty of disabled parenting was predictable, but nothing could prepare me for having to say goodbye to my wife again on problem #7.

Some Will Leave

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There is so much I need to say to him, if only I knew how. The words I used to say now have different meanings, and the words I use, I don’t know their meanings anymore.

gravelortian part 3

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god's seed is asleep in the carseat

A Bum-note Baritone

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Quite a figure he cut in his Jockey y-fronts, the Johnson’s Baby talcum powder billowing everywhere, the old-fashioned bottle of Old Spice shaken and slapped on both palms and then both cheeks.

Fatherhood 101

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The instructor moved over to the whiteboard and wrote in big block letters “FOOTBALL” and then crossed it out. “You should just never treat your newborn like a football. That means no passing it or punting it.

Clean Out Your Desk, Naps. You're Being Replaced.

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Sunday mornings my mother got up early—and dragged me kicking and screaming out of bed and into my nicest jeans and sweater. I have still never thanked her. (I’m borrowing, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less true.)

Invented Memories of my Father: 7

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A surgeon in theater, he laid out his instruments: bodkins, hackle guards and pliers, hair stackers, and fly vise.

Driving me to Distraction

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In those moments of irritation it's as if he descends from the heavens and settles into my body, takes a good grip of the steering wheel, and elevates the tension in the car to Code Red.

Invented Memories of my Father: 15

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You watched their endeavors from the saddle, the way they created four walls with the sheets and towels, an inner sanctum conjured out of their cleverness, within which they pegged bras and underwear for modesty’s sake.

Invented Memories of my Father: 21

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Our legacy in these pages, the first inklings of going into the red, the hull breached, the trickle of debt begun, only to grow larger and finally sink the whole damn thing. A lamb bought for Easter—£4.30. A load of brick for outhouse refurbishment—£5.6/1

Invented Memories of my Father: 22

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Whilst nobody was looking, I placed a hand on the same rhinoceros’ hide recently and tried to feel your vibration.

Inverted Memories of my Father: 25

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Hounds at the horse’s feet, sniffing air and ground for a trace of the prey; fox, was it?

Inverted Memories of My Father—29

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How the tables turn when I enter the horse latitudes of my life and wonder about you at my age.

Divine Intervention

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All year long he had an expired calendar on the wall—Bridgestone Tires, 1996—and the same leopard-skin clad model posed over a Formula One racing car, a sudsy sponge in her hand and a flashing smile on her face.