gravelortian part 3

by Chad Smith

god can't find a pen
gets it all worked out in 30 minutes
this is not his language
these are not his words
peace to the gods
god and his gods
god's seed
all across the land
god sits in his car
god's seed is asleep in the carseat
his word is bond
but what does that mean anyway?
who the fuck cares?
god envisions the bitches and hos
cap in that ass after ass
preschool parking lot
god waits for his seed to come out
karate chop and kung fu grip
this one goes out to the ninjas
and his gods
get the money son
it will take more than the booming bass
to wash off 40 years of white
he likes to think he is nuttin ta fuck wit
not true though
everybody likes to fuck wit him
go home dirty old man
you're gonna get hurt