gravelortian part 9

by Chad Smith

She guessed kidneys
The computer and the robot confirmed
Some kind of failure
Constant pissing couldn't make it outside in time
Pissed on the bed
Pissed on the couch
Pissed on the floor
Pissed on the important papers
Puddles pooling
Taking a piss and giving a shit
Saying it's inevitable is just another form of loser talk
All you can hope for is someone to clean up after
And someone to clean up after you
It's pouring outside
Unhook the newsfeed
Pull the plug
Get turned off
Silence your phone
Take an ax to the machines
See the robot run away with the spoon
Connect the borrowed jumper cables and shock it awake a few more times
Drive until you run out of gas
Coast off the road and into the embankment
Pull the mud and leaves up over you and take a rest
Dad dad dad
When I wake up from today's night
I will go back and find him sleeping in the wagon
That will go on here like that
That will be cool I guess