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Found Out

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Things aren't looking good for Oedipus. He just found out that the parents he ran from—the father he'd been fated to kill and the mother he'd been fated to marry—weren't his birth parents. A messenger just told him. Now he knows. He hadn't escaped what…

13 Crimes Against Love, or, the Crow's Confession

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He's kneeling on the floor of his West Village apartment, by the door, asking me to leave. He first said he saw someone once a week. But what he means is that they sleep together every night, as they live together, and spend their Sundays together.

How My Parents Fell In Love

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My mother walked out of a grocery store. My father drove up in a car, a fast car, silver, a car that goes vroom vroom.

Cattle – station – church - meadows

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It may be her destination, but was it also her destiny? In a desperate wave of inspiration, she decided to let fate take its course.

Fortune Favours

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We're all just meat and atoms who can no more sense into the great beyond than a horse can fly a plane.

Same Old Song and Dance

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You want to get laid talking socks

In Rittenhouse Square

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Any visitor to Philadelphia ends up, inevitably, in Rittenhouse Square, right in the heart of the city—as William Penn himself intended, in his original design. These days, trendy outdoor cafes line the Square on Eighteenth Street; and in the current fashion, have…

True Or False For Dummies

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Some Gulf grunts bled burgundy; others, cherry red. It's not the viscosity, but a certainty ...

Doctor D's Bad Sex Feedback Loop

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Entwined tongues on a run, taking his inventory

Maybe Maybe

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Xavier sat in his room, the uncurving walls wrapped around him like a prism. Something clawlike was reaching down at him, talonless but grasping. He looked at his watch and realized he was going to be late. He dived gently, a controlled dive, out from th


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You tempted fate, walked under ladders, screamed down twisting canyons on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet, stepped on cracks on the sidewalk, ran with scissors, licked a frozen flagpole, rode in cars roaring along at 100 miles an hour and hitch

White Legs in Green Water

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arms brittled roads forever in need of patching, hearts worn to mist,