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Arcana Magi - c.16: Fragile Friendship

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Alysia stopped for a moment. She knew what she was going to say, but held back her words and thoughts. Chisame took advantage of her hesitance.

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles: Scene 1-01

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Water invaded my throat and nostrils. It stung my eyes, pushed against my chest and threatened to break my ribs. My screams came out as gurgles and pitiful bubbles. I’d open my mouth to breathe only to swallow more vile water. My mind reeled backward. I

Arcana Magi - c.17: Separation

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The Sentinels held up their weapons at the main door, preparing for a fight. Lori saw the look on the girl’s eyes, something she felt she should not see in them.

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles: Scene 1-02

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Time ticked on as I existed between dreaming and seeing. I wasn't sure if I was really alive. Harsh bangs and ice chills to my face brought me back to reality.

Arcana Magi - c.18: Me?

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Alysia slowed down for a moment. She clutched her head again. She looked up and found herself at a playground. There was a familiarity in the air.

Seriphyn Knight Chronices: Scene 1-03 to 1-05

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I must have looked like a frozen carp with my mouth stuck on a “why”. Up until now, I had forgotten about the struggles for my life.

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles: End of Episode 1

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‘Mate – break her easy!’ I heard one of them say and felt sick in the stomach. It was all a gag. Nothing bad was going to happen to me – right?

Arcana Magi - c.19: Opportunity Arising

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Kyo held her hand gently and stared at the bracelet as Brie explained everything that happened. It was painful to hear.

Red Hot Hyperbole

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She came from the land of rumpled sheets. She was the very definition of sex. She was the breeze through the wind chimes of his heart. One might say that she actually invented the orgasm. All mirages are this way. Perfect until they disappear. They


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Freedom comes with a price

Arcana Magi - c.20: Compelling

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Danica paused for a moment as thoughts of going to Avalon Tech changed to heading for Mystic Intelligence. She could not understand why she thought about going there.

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles: Scene 2-01

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The room stank of stale wee and moldy residuals like traces of lost hope and dreams. I glanced around; we were too young to be here.

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles: Scene 2-02

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They’re going to let us out!

Arcana Magi - c.21: The World Stage

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The old mage said nothing. She did not even return the complement. All she had was disgust in her eyes as she looked at the grown men and women. To her they had no hearts.

Cellphone Girl (Part I)

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The calls were going through her as if her whole head had become a wireless receiver. She absolutely did not understand how or why that was happening, but the physical evidence was impossible to ignore.