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That train

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That train's been murdering my time, a thoughtless crime although I've been waiting for it with all my mind. “That girl's been giving me her heart though I didn't want it,” the hunter confessed his almost crime. Her lips were chapped, …

The Epidemic of Weariness

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“Life cannot continue at a breakneck pace, because it is breaking too many necks,” the Health Czar told the President.

A Perfect Romance

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Once was girl without hind-fore-mid-up-down-side-ways-brain, just crows inside head: oy such an ache. Met boy with only worms inside head: oy such a tickle. So crows flew out of girl's head into …

Giving Voice to Silver

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But there was still something about him. When he turned his long face a certain way, she saw pewter, as if it glinted off him. Sometimes, on the phone, she felt that she heard the flash of silver in his voice, as well.

The Astounding Adventures of Cyril Bright

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Chap. XI: A Place Beauteous of Which I Dare Not Speak And when I had released the spirit from his worldly prison, he did show to me a way that man does not travel, though travel it I did with him until we should chance to see such things as should never be polaroided (and…


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What? No, no, where did my world go? I was in the middle of… something. What's going on? What's stroking my face?


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Once upon a time a queen was blessed with twin sons, which she named Nosch and Amiaivel.

The Glass Coffin

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Said the parrot to the princess, “You know what? I’m really sick of trees.”

Reddened, Ridden

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at school you are sick with boredom, sick with gore setting fires with books and stifling them with spit. the terrorist you meet is a man, and that is enough a scientist who kills is a doctor, and you are sick. on…

Sometimes Errands Take Longer Than You Might Think

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She dropped the bundle of faggots she had collected and spun around with her mouth open.

Mirror Must Out

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful sorceress who lived in a spiralling tower near a town.

Hänsel und Gretel

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Hänsel got one hand on Gretel's left boob and milks it gaily.

Wicked Witch for Hire

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This wand is made out of a unicorn's horn. I know what you're thinking. Gnarled wood. Or maybe twisted metal, after you've felt its weight. That's what you might think. But you'd be wrong.

Sing Sorrow Sorrow

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Lean closer, she smiles, smell my perfume let yourself be taken to a wild forest where owls grow and trees fly.

Avoiding a Painful Tumble

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In the moment that her slippered feet hit the earth, she found a new recognition, and at once believed Morgan to be who he said he was all along, reliant on taller folk, misshapen, and timid.