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Do you think we die when we age?Or when a car runs over our hearts?We die slowly, minute by minute, every secondBy the time you read this, you've died a little

The Legacy

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The old man had always known things, was feared and revered up and down the valley for knowing things. I’d heard the stories since the day I was born.

Peeg and Brie (opening of a teen novel)

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TEXT TO VICKY This sucks! Sorry for the teen-speak Vicky, but it does. You saw me in the hospital. It's just as bad at home. They still don't know what to do for my smashed voice box. I probably won't ever speak again. (Maybe with a mechanical thing lik


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My Grandma caressed my sleeping Grandfather’s feet as we sat in his hospital room after hours.


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Brandon had never liked standing in line; it was a childish tendency he had never grown out of. What likely annoyed him the most was likely the stillness, the lack of motion despite everyone else's insistence that they were getting somewhere. And it was slow, too,…

Life of the Writer

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I am a romantic writer, true. But what comes after the romance is what fascinates me. A lover dying is the most beautiful scene I want to write. The most beautiful scene I have yet to write.

Death Comes To Visit

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He was almost dying when I reached the hospital. I walked past the open automatic sliding doors into the lobby, almost vacant except a few people milling around, the nurses fighting sleep behind the desks while waiting for their shift to end.

Wool On The Bluestem

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Remembrance of their wool trousers still lingers on the bluestem. I walk their streets at night to watch the curtains for wind.

A Dead Grandmother Story

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I once had a Creative Writing teacher's assistant from San Diego at the University of Pittsburgh tell our class "Please don't submit dead grandmother stories here. I know you loved your grandmother, but everyone's grandmother dies. And everyone writes a story about how…

End of Death

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“That’s right you stay right there!” shouted the old man as he peered over his shoulder. “Don’t come any closer!” The tennis balls dragged across the ground leaving green fuzz in their wake.

In Search of Vince’s Quinces

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Beautiful, he thinks, as he taps the ash of his cigarette over the balcony, but this is not good enough.


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Living but Dead, In-between

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You ask yourself, how can you be living but dead? It is not possible. Yet it can be and it can be slightly reversible, but realistically, for most people, it is not. Living but dead, is walking in the world of the in-between. Standing with one foot on the

If I were dying

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The doctor told me: "You have 24 hours to live. no more, no less."

The Olive Is More than Garnish for Martinis

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The Italians blame Argentina./ Why not? Argentina is a world/ away and harbored Nazis once.