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Al Williams Passes The Johnny Walker Talking Stick

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Back then, the summer was made of real dirt, hard dirt, shattered shale that lodged under your fingernails, a lifetime of black blot tattoos, ink that penetrated, infiltrated, streaking sepsis with the infectious words, fuck him, fuck you,…

The Tragically Short Life of the American Barfly

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That is then and the devil reigns in the here and now. Tonight I am the barfly and tomorrow I die.

That’d Kill Ol’ Bob

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A monstrous black dog slumbers in the doorway, still as a volcano. I step around him. An old folk saying about sleeping dogs tickles my brain like a coyote yelping on a moonlit night. Strands of smoke curl into fluorescent gossamer in the neon glow and cast a…

Ball and Chain

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I don't have the patience to learn why people kill themselves.

Another State of Mind

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people self-destruct for no reason

An Almost Made-Up Story

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It's Monday morning and my teacher is drunk as hell.

Your Ex-Lover is Dead

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Roadside Attraction

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There is a certain stage of sobriety among men who drink every night. In that stage, they are their best selves: they write novels, fix cars, care for their young. Then they change.

The Blues

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I was sitting at the barFeeling the blues after workDrinking my 64 0z pitcherOf beerBody hurting all overAnd this kid begins to talk to meAbout how drinking is killing myBrain cellsAnd of course i have heard thisShit all beforeYet i act dumb all the sameLike really? I did…

Near-Death Experience

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At first I thought it was just a phase, just something he had to get out of his system. But it’s been four months now, and if anything he’s just getting more belligerent about it. He wants me to go to church with him. He wants the two of us to get baptize

Year End Close-out

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Strauss does all the stirring at the start./ The rest is all murk and meander