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Every time I read a great line by another writer, I feel fear.

Man On The Run

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Don't slow down, he said, time grows shorter every minute. So you pretended to stay young or cheated on your marriage or forgot to watch your children growing up, and still never found someone who could understand you.

The Kid With the Hair

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threads of Cocoa Krispies

Cattle – station – church - meadows

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It may be her destination, but was it also her destiny? In a desperate wave of inspiration, she decided to let fate take its course.

Fortune Favours

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We're all just meat and atoms who can no more sense into the great beyond than a horse can fly a plane.


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With a madman’s laugh, she realized her mistake and discarded it as irrelevant.

Same Old Song and Dance

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You want to get laid talking socks

In Rittenhouse Square

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Any visitor to Philadelphia ends up, inevitably, in Rittenhouse Square, right in the heart of the city—as William Penn himself intended, in his original design. These days, trendy outdoor cafes line the Square on Eighteenth Street; and in the current fashion, have…

Gravity as Destiny

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Falling// is something that comes quite naturally/ to puffed up things. Like the soufflé

Quintet in a Minor Key Near the End of Time

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The one thing I believe in is collapse./ Abandoned buildings collapse. Civilizations// collapse. Financial bubbles collapse./ Stars and galaxies collapse. Falling// is something that comes quite naturally/ to puffed up things.