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Thick With Memory

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I didn't know how much longer I could do this...

The Way Home

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Her back turned, she wanders off searching for the way home wringing her hands, trying to think, but thoughts evade her.

The Rest Home

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while fingers fiddle across the air, sewing cloth I cannot see.

The Dinner Date

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Too many things -- names and words -- were flying clear out of my head. Our car was a Toyota, that I could see. But where was the Ford Taurus? Had we sold it?

"Brava! Brava!"

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I woke to a crash and the sound of coins rolling along the linoleum. “Mom?” She did not look up. Her shaking hand was gathering up the single crown coins, the fifty heller pieces. Triumphantly she rescued a ten crown note from the piggy bank shards. …


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I know it was the ceremonial magician who talked you into it. I know it was supposedly to be what the Enochean Angels needed to come into the vortex and into the world, make it all balanced on all four sides, four elements, so that when the world ended, t

Washing Minerva's Hair

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Minerva watched him / her mind was no longer clear and precise / it short-circuited / under the weight of mundane tasks

The Short Life Of Shapes On Sun-Kissed Eyelids

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She sees Connick Jr. now has a microphone. He is singing “All of Me” as if he meant her to take all of him.


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Her memory was a faded pastiche of the past, and indeed the present sat uneasily in the middle of the dreams that governed her mind; so it was that often she would forget the day, the time, the year.


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While Evelyn watched television, I fixed her evening tea. “Are you? Fuck that world,” she replied, as though someone had asked her a question. Sometimes Evelyn got stuck on a word, using it for everything until it started to mean nothing and everything.

Struck Silent by Whalesong

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Later, she slipped back into her care home bed in the Dementia wing of the building, and breathed some shallow breaths.