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Luna's Future Is His Xmas Present

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"...It would be nothing but Tall Nasty Blonds in lacy French Maid Outfits, bringing home the baguettes and cases of Dom piled high in wicker baskets lined with Almond Roca wrappers and ultramarine Easter ribbons tied in fancy knots and bows like only a wo

Night and Day and

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wonder what I will / into life versus out of / habit let happen

moon soon sun

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Killzone Excerpt: A New Day

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He lay in his bed at night, looking at the four walls and roof shielding him from the monstrous world beyond them. Thinking, like usual. You could even call it a routine. First, he begins to think about the people around him. His men. His soldiers are really the only…

My Day To Your Night.

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The weather is chilly here in discomfort The goose bumps raise their black flags I've never peered through domes of eternal bliss Those sleek enough, slide past me I seek the empty company in brown plastic bags, With only a few holes and a branded…

dawn calvary

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collar of stars pale blue