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Open Orchidae

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But Jana insisted to see this miracle, this antidote for the mundanity of existence.

Better Off In My Head

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The morning news. The birthday present you bought me. This poem. My hair when I wake up in the morning, at any given point in the day. Pigeon pose. My singing voice. How much I love myself. Coffee. Sex. Not having sex. Having movie star sex. Ha

My Dog Was Wrong About You

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When it was time to leave, she lingered beside you, bidding you to come again. I flicked my cat, dog tail, indifferent. She wanted to lick your cheek.

Union (Snatch 1)

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...male, female, ambiguous, obese, anorexic...

Union (snatch 2)

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There were little fights.

Snatch 3 (Union)

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Stop. Consider the risks before opening. Please.

snatch 4

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Snatch (6)

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Snatch 7 (come 11)

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...the scream and the face...

Snatch 8 (the zombie flash sequence--it never dies)

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Oh, gracious mercy, oh...

Snatch 9 (there's been a time lapse)

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Blocks context...

Snatch XI

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Public voice when he's tense.

Snatch XII

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No. No. No.

Snatch XIII

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Snatch (XIV)

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She's in charge.