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The Japanese sun, blood-red and vibrant, like a Cézanne apple, was setting far away in the distance over the snow-capped peak of Mt. Fuji. For a moment, the intensity of the light blinded him. He could not see the road ahead. His front bicycle wheel wobb


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"Isn't it time to remove the nails, and put Jesus to rest once and for all," Mary asks.

Pale Heart

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Inside her there is life throbbing, an urge to live, to seize what lies before her, beauty, love. Across the table she sits, reserved in a dark blue jacket, her short hair a fluttering black sheen. Hesitant and thrilled, waiting for an opening to ask:

A Way of Life

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Nothing more savory than gossip relayed in confidential tones.

Professional Pizza Patter

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We all stared, somewhat shocked and mostly disgusted.

Big Dipper

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“You’re not in Saigon anymore, Mai Bi'ch,” I said, craning to read her name badge. “They’ll need to be much better than that if you want to stay in this country.”

86 the Conversation: A Side of Flat Screen TV with Your Burger?

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This couldn’t be a bar; I was with my mother. It took a few seconds for the collision of senses to clear, and I realized the restaurant had not only one, but two flat screen televisions hung in their dining room, and a fake fire blazing in the fireplace.


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We moved on past the events of quiet rage, subtle acts of suicide, less subtle acts of calm homicide as people imperceptibly became willing to do more heinous acts than they were yesterday.

Sad, Pretty

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Now this—a fifteen-year-old prostitute asking him if he was lonely. When he asked why on earth a young girl from an apparently good home would be doing such a thing, she shrugged. “Because I can.”

At The Diner

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“Heard Gotchalk passed away last weekend.” “Gotchalk died last year. You mean Gotsill. He just passed away. Classmate of mine. Lived in the house just up from the phone company.” Outside, cars drive up and down Elm street. Inside, three men…


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Over our short, yet enduring relationship, I found that he was desperately trying to reconcile his ambitions with his situation. I left and he continued to be unhappy, trying to "fix" what he now realized had been broken all along. In the end, a span of a

Storage Access Framework

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At first we thought metadata rich, non-hierarchical, network based, multi-provider filesystems were our future. An arduous journey but well worth the efforts for the beforehand unimaginable user experiences enabled by new technologies that thereupon displaced the…

Disappearing Ink

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Our ink was disappearing. All of it.