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The Couple, Back and Forth

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You should arrest himshe saidbecause he's too happybecause he treatsme cold otherwiseYou should pin him tothe wall with yourviolence, make hismouth bleed and watchhim crumbleYou should listen towhat he'struly sayingnot his inflectionsAnd you should see he's a…

Three Inches From Heaven

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It’s a shame you’re so tall, he said. Too bad you’re so short, she said. She was a gorgeous 6-foot-tall blonde and he was a love-smitten 5-foot-9. He was three inches from heaven.


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In a few brief moments the entire sky became full of this wetness and greyed to the point of almost blackening, and it was a Sunday morning, and the man thought that thoughts were strange things, because he had a piercing epiphany that there was no God..

What We Talk About When We Talk About Lasagna

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When we talked about the lasagna, we were, I see now, talking about different things. I.e., I was talking about lasagna, and you were talking about almost everything but. You weren't talking about the dry, burnt noodles or…

Denmark (or On the Death of John Updike)

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The impression old Updike left on a young mind.

The Poem

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Riding in a pick-up-truck, the radio wailing some 'love em and leave em" country song,

Through The Glass Dimly

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Odd bookends stuck in familiar territory, we have become lethargic


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how can I get you to admit anything when you will not talk of what men crave do you not know this have you not heard this was one of the first things a man ever told me about men

A Silent Scream

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She hated the noiseless dying sound they made as he stuck the hook through their eyes. She always wanted for them to scream, but they never did. They didn’t even blink.

Just a Bit

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She thought he was biting her at night. Not a vampire bite, those two dots on the neck. A bite on her calf.


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She turned away and began to weep and when he gently turned her back around to face him, to kiss her, he saw that her tears were red.

A Change-up at The Crabby Cauldron

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We sat down to dinner at one of those seafood places where they cover the table with a long sheet of white paper, easily disposable, because folks, things are going to get messy. We ordered our drinks, pitchers of beer for our party of four, and we settle

The Nice Guy

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So much of everything isn't the way I'd do it at all. I wouldn't do myself the way I've been done. Nope, the way I'm turning out is not the way I planned, definitely. I'm turning out to be a limp middle class day-after-day type of guy ... I go to work, I

Sketch of a subway scene

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A couple argues on the subway, her back is to me

The Belly Dancer

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The belly dancer waved a gauzy strip of blue fabric in front of her face. She flung it towards their table, but it landed feebly a few feet away. Donny lunged forward and grabbed it, then slid back into his seat, glowing. Mary Ellen reached across the tab