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My Gift to Her

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Todd and Cheryl threw iceballs at each other. Todd got Cheryl in the face. “Mommyyyyyy.” I went inside to check the ham. She needs to learn. Girls always lose.

A Christmas Mistake

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But that night we were happy, looking all around at the bright lights of the several cities that we could see.

Shopping Mall Santa

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The punk boys are my favorite. They come with an attitude, the piercings and the chains and the baggy pants with their underwear hanging out. I’m a punk myself, I tell them. The long white hair and beard? They’re real, my friend.

Common Sense

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'Yer a cool, cool glass of water baby....'

Her last good year

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“We are NOT starving!” I stated emphatically. “What ever gave you the idea that you are starving? Honestly, Annie, you are so melodramatic. You have food in front of you right now, don’t you?’ I said pointing to her plate of potatoes and so

Happy Holidays!

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Bobo opened his mouth, sang, "Hark the Herald Angels sing," till I placed my hand over his tiny lips. "I hate that hymn. I hate Christmas and all those angloid things," I exclaimed, fiercely. "I want another planet real bad I want it. Stop drooling all ov

Face of the Earth

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I am a bomb but I mean you no harm.

Salvation Santa

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Jack leaves for work at seven a.m. He gets coffee at the diner on 6th and East Elm. He takes it black with two sugars. It keeps him warm and awake. He cannot afford the prices at the trendy coffee shops and only once did he let someone buy him a latte. He didn't think…


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It's Christmas!

A Christmas Spaghetti

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"Hmm. What did you call these again?" Reaching into the musty, wrinkled, cardboard box he pulled out a sample. Tiny Christmas lights on green cord with crumpled strands of interspersed silver tinsel hung like so much seaweed from his hand. "Fairy-

A Christmas Poem....sort of

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The sacred trinity of Barbie, Nintendo, and Apple all arrived as foretold, our salvation from God.


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It could be a rock in a box but if it has that paper it's as good as gold. Her sister carefully counted to see who got the most.


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I am a bomb but I mean you no harm.

Did You Know? Fun Facts about Flaggish Things (for Flag Day)

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One must never, ever wipe one's hands on a flag, and this wouldn't even be a problem if people weren't so lackadaisical about getting the flag out and up at picnics.

How My Parents Fell In Love

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My mother walked out of a grocery store. My father drove up in a car, a fast car, silver, a car that goes vroom vroom.