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Take Out

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You're stupid drunk. And not feeling so good. You know you should stop doing this. But what else is there to do, especially since your brother went in? And now Roberto's gone to pick up his lady and left you alone, empty. Couldn't even drive you home. You don't…

South, A Continent Removed

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In Rhodesia they Saw it fit to fling—‘kaffir', If black it…

South, A Continent Removed

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In Rhodesia they Saw it fit to fling—‘kaffir’, If black it applied.

The Parrotbill's Son

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Long after the flowers have wilted And all grass has faded to brown A cuckoo sings triumphantly from its high perch Deep in the forest, another sings back The parrotbill and her lover have disappeared Their future and hope Lost to an alien parasitic

The Shadow

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"Did I have a dream, or did the dream have me?" - Rush, "Nocturne"


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the darkness held frieghtened by the surveillance of a distant white shimmer.

An Old Peach

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Allen would stroll the remains of the orchard, reminiscing with Tad, flirting with dementia.

Black Night Takes Bite

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The Black night reached under his shiny silk jacket And touched the steamy leather of his holster.

The Questionnaire

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One of the most enlightening lessons I learned in college was to see what a guy uses a girl for in sex. Is it a game? Are they giving? Are you just a live “inflatable doll”?

You Don't Know Jack

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Red runs in rivulets against the backdrop / Into a pool, a morass, that is his life

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 128)

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He went to sleep that night with one thought. He said it aloud, to make sure the island heard as well. Cuddled into his tarp and weeds, he whispered, "When you need me, I'll be ready."

Sunday Afternoon, Chez Ammad's

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And then the fists were flying and because the bar is so damn small, the bar stools fell over, and the tables caught them, and the drinks fell to the floor and the two men grappled, half in the bar, half on the street.

Black Hole

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The falling may continue// forever.


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His voice isn't familiar but his words are. He says he knows we haven't spoken in years and apologizes for it. I can hear him pacing on the other end of the line, tapping things and then a shriek of glass shattering. Really, I tell him, no need to…

Self-portrait as Black Object

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monstrous chameleon, / schizophrenic Janus