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Packing, Driving, and the Meaning of Everything.

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The last time I saw you was the last time you'll ever see me. I've spent my entire life trying to force you to love me. You'll see my body and my charm but you'll wonder, what's different? It will frustrate you.

End of the Century

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She’s a blue girl, a girl in blue. In the doldrums and on the dole, or soon to be.

Is All

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The new media revolution is an artificial surge.


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I'm a madman. People call me other stuff, but I'm a madman. My name is Roberto Nolasco Bahag-hari. Yeah, I know. It's kinda funny for a name. Friends sometimes call me RNB though I hate that freakin' music. Sometimes people…


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It's a tunnel, you know, like the neck of a bottle, the tunnel the hair comes up, it's coming out soon, I'm an adolescent now, dammit.

Dear Corporate Security (Part I)

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The scarecrow is you and the tin man is everyone who ever told you not to try any harder. There is no lion because we shot and ate him for breakfast two weeks ago with a side of watermelon and some orange juice. The only thing that you can count on is tha


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“Help me,” the man said in his mind. He lay beside the folding camp stool alone in the middle of the woods, in the clearing where he and the dog always rested.

The Stars in Illinois

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Only early June, but the heat feels like August. Eleanor and Shelby sit on the front steps of the old Victorian-style house in downtown Los Angeles, drinking homemade margaritas and watching the daylight drain away to dusk. Shelby slaps a mosquito away fr

Nice Dream

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They must love me.


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