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Our Organs Settle

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I can feel his large intestines against my stomach when he is on top of me, like a fat cat on an old couch.

Reading at the Anatomy Museum

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If you know how, all bodies can be read like books, like poems, like scraps of song

Though the Heart be Still as Loving

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With my heart preserved, I shoved a handful of baubles back in its place: some pages torn from my favorite books, a bass guitar string, a butane lighter, a shot of vodka. I stitched myself back up and left the roof in favor of the attic, where I hung my s

Ode to the Female Gonad

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On finding out that gonads are part of the female anatomy as well.

other bodies

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you look primitive he saidthat morning my shirtand shorts had cleavedapart revealing a vague andpale canyon of hip, hintingat storms to come.


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We studied the map on the wall, its feathered and uncertain streets labeled in igpay atinlay since there were no books to help you understand Rangoon transit systems circa your third grade project called "Peace Around the World."I asked lispingly how blue…