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13 statements about the United States of Chimerica made by the Bird King during a press conference

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1. Jesus made the United States of Chimerica from the hide of a gator he killed with his bare hands back in the winter of '81.2. The people of the United States of Chimerica are watched over by a straight-talkin' angel with hillbilly eyes and a crown of nuclear missiles.3.…

West of Romance

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I want a perfect American life in shambles.

Getting By

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The were two things and two things only in the town of Comfort, Alabama, that were older than Bella.

Leaving like slow rain

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I used to dream about flying over the ocean in nothing but my shirt, now I dream about driving through fucking Kentucky.

American Carnage: A Redaction Poem of the Inaugural Address, Jan. 20, 2017

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Justice . . . will determine . . . Americafor many years to come. Confront . . . power . . . reap . . . the cost . . . Politicians have left and the factories closed . . . while they celebrated in our nation's capital . . . this moment is watching . . . our…

Moon collar

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I don't think dogs like to die with the pack. The smell of them rotting brings trouble in the wild,

The United States Of Ammunition

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I check the NPR news app. The story about the shooting in Pittsburg has already been pushed off the homepage. There is an article about yellow fever in the 14th century, a potential ceasefire in Yemen, players protesting the national anthem, a plane crash