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"bring it on..."


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July 2008


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She realised that things you can't prove can be more intimate than the things you know to be true.

I'm Drinking This Cup Of Coffee (A.K.A.) I've Never Smoked A Joint

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I thought about how chocolate or an hour massage, can almost trump sex. Then, I bought a chocolate bar and ate it all, without consulting the serving size. It was dark chocolate, 82%, worth it in the short term--- mmmm. I thought about getting stoned.

Crumbling Stones Crush Our Self Esteem

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Jimi and Janis remain fierce and beautiful

Every Kid

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Glaucoma can be a wonderful ally. Aziz-un-nisa saddled her steel chair in yards of pashmina wool, wickered navy and brown, waiting for him to step into the room. Goodbyes rehearsed, she sensed it was showtime. Glaucoma wouldn’t lose this afternoon.


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Marie and Mary lay side by side, partitioned by flimsy blue vinyl on cheap plastic rollers.

Time Flies

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Time has wings. They are bright and beautiful, like those of a butterfly. They are delicate wings, and they carry the years away from my decaying mind. I would break those wings if I could, for tomorrow I turn seventy-three, and I grow weary of their ince

More from the Chronicles of His Demise

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Only scotch and cheap champagne/ retain their reliable flavors.