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Wall and Key

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I couldn't sleep so I got up and put on my robe and my work boots. I went out to the shed and got the rusty old sledge hammer.


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My son is on the field. My son is throwing a ball. My son is throwing a ball into a mitt. My husband is recording the number of times the ball is thrown. My husband is making little pie shapes in his book. He is making little marks.

it's just death, so what

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Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done about the coupling of tombstones. First of all, their copulations are deafening — how they grunt and sigh! — and secondly, the sparks spewing from the friction — blue, green, yellow, and purple - ignite fires

Freedom Can Wait

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If a mid-life crisis wasn't about freedom, well Phil didn't know.

Annie's Paper Pop-up Koi

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She scribbled the words "olive juice' on a Starbucks napkin--because she loved black-on-brown words that looked like "I love you" . . .


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China! Cherries! And chum! Oh my!

A Turlock Moment

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“Shweetheart, my childhood was like a candlelit dinner for two at Chuck E. Cheese’s—great promise surrounded by absurdity.”

The Number 4

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He'd always envied the number four with its symmetry and its squatty complaisance.

Freedom Can Wait

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Freedom, for Phil, was a hard nut to shell: a chestnut, in fact, that hasn’t been roasted properly so that the woody hull clings to the nut. That's a long way to go for a metaphor, but it's the way Phil FELT: like a woody hull stuck to a nut . . .

The Accidental Voyeur

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He had wanted to lick lucidity, curl his tongue and take it back inside his mouth, curl it all the way down his throat, let it bulge inside his neck, feel it snake into his stomach, and come out into the netherworlds with warmth and satisfaction.


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The frog was splayed after its operation in the science lab, but not forsaken. He knew that his wife still loved him, even though he was in an advanced state of dissection. “Oooooo, Mdntf, let's hide under the table and touch tongues,”

That is That

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Alexander Ivanovich stuck out his leg and tripped Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachev. Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachev stood up, took two steps forward, stuck out his leg and tripped Alexander Ivanovich.