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Cat Tales - a 55 word story

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My spooky cat got out again. Under the deck she ran. Out came the hose that chased her about. Fur spiked, tail pointing, yowling, she hissed at me, and back in the house she pranced. It's been two days now. She slithers out for food after…

Breakfast Dance - a 55 word story

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The handsome man at the opposite table swivels his head at the tall cool slim blonde entering the breakfast cafe. The ordinary woman sitting with him adjusts her chair accordingly. She pretends to ignore her husband's distraction, smoothes her hair, licks her…


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We hit the road, headed west.

Scent of a Woman - 55 word story

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She slipped into a silky sheath dress, and stepped into black sequined heels just as the doorbell rang. Her date had arrived to take her to his much touted Art opening in town. Reaching under the bathroom sink for a final mist of hair spray she realized too late…

Foreign - 55 words

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His sons have never quite looked at Charlie the way they do now.

Godot, Go Wait Yourself!

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a bone-crusher handshake

Godot is a Heartbreaking Figment

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Godot is on the way.

Pink Garden

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I carry my green heart to where you lie sweetly sleeping in our pink garden of love. Pink petals glowing in darkness like roses on fire...