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My Coyote

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I say her- it might be him-/ but from a distance I supply the details I prefer.

The Witch in the Canyon

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There's a witch in Laurel Canyon.She made Wes a promise.Her bungalow smelled like Parliaments. Parliaments, garlic frying in olive oil. Parliaments, garlic frying in olive, and a freshly opened pack of Red Vines. Wes could have curled up into a ball and fallen asleep on her…

Just Yesterday

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midnight mooring

The Small Black Monkey

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Snow was whitening the prairies, the treetops, the roofs and the church. The village appeared dormant under its cold, sparkling covering. It was one of those winters when snow never seemed to melt away. There was a permanent look about it, a polar look.It was a school day.…

ice becomes a new marvel

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at all altitudes and at all latitudes / glaciers in furious melt: / both Greenland and Antarctica headed both / to be ice-free isles adrift / and with shorter coastlines amidst higher seas.

Summer's smack

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clouds clot the horizon all day

It's All in Your Head

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The terms of a broken heart, I guess I nevergot to read them. But they must besomething awful, something numbing, something no sane personwould ever agree to. You're already on the vergeof becoming nothing I can remember without a photograph beingshoved in my face. Like a…

Women on Motorcycles

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Do you want this, you ask, and hand me a blue silk shirt of hers with small yellow flowers. I'm afraid to say no, in case it makes you remember all over again.

From the Fotomat - Print 27

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To their left, and somewhat behind Nixon's elbow, Mao Tse Tung is peeling a tangerine...


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the cracks in the concrete look like rivers or highways crossing from the air but only a few feet below me

During My Daily Commute

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in moving cars i am small; in moving cars i am invisible.

Life After Les Miz

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There are many ways to cope effectively with your life after a Les Miserables run, and everyone is different, but here are some things that have helped others work through the process.


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Into the silence

Thirteenth Love Poem: After the Forest

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Today I do not want to change the world.

Skippy Goes Sailing

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I coughed a little. Some bloody fluid sloshed in the rubber tube coming from my chest. Outside my door some doctor was ranting. He was looking for the patient in the room across from mine. “She's in X-ray,” the nurse told him. “It's Friday,” he…


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Buzzed By a Hummingbird

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Some tough young punk with dreadlocks Was walking down the sidewalk while texting And got frightened when he was buzzed By a hummingbird Saying “oh shit” He ducked, but then looked all around To make sure no one saw him Of course, I wa

The Serendipitous Nature of Being

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To do the proper set up for the story, it was taking me some time, but each bit was important to the outcome, and while he likened me to Higgens on the old Magnum P.I. series, I just laughed at his slowly closing eyes and folded arm, caught in a half cur

Drainmen - Ch.3

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The gatekeeper, wrapped carefully in linen bandages around her torso, sat on the other side of the portcullis peeling an orange. It was always a difficult process for her because of her deformities. One hand had but two fingers, and these were thick and resembled a lobster…

Dateline: Dumbass

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Take a ride past Larry Crane’s 'Jackpot!' recording studio — right here! in the neighborhood! where Sleater-Kinney recorded 'One Beat' and Elliott Smith 'either/or' and Sarah Dougher 'The Walls Ablaze!' woo hoo! — and the kids are singing karaoke.

Shadow of the Raven

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1. Sign of the Raven On the All Hallow's Eve that I rapped at his library door, Dr. Percival H. Wyndham was seated before the blazing hearth in his favorite leather armchair. The cluttered shelves lining the room's Maple-paneled walls brimmed with rare and obscure…