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Eel Fishing, Leahi Beach

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Danger Above, Danger Below

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And you know that notion just goes to show...

Digging a Hole to the China Sea

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Could sampans fall upward, sailing from the bottom of the Earth? If so, which way would their sails bend—up, or down? And would the strange China Sea follow suit? Would salt water geysers spurt from the hole we dug, flooding the streets of Seattle?

Velazquez in the National Gallery

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I visited you later that month, the tubes and lights and charts chronicling your descent. I held your hand in the brightness of that room, amazed by the translucence of your papery skin and the isobaric schema carrying blood here and there.

Animus and Vitriol

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At some point, we will have to shoot them/ through the eyes and skull and heart

When the Muse Abandons You

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I am abandoned to the mundane/ calculations of a small mind/ trapped by small considerations

Jean-Michel Basquiat Invaded My Dreams

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"the rum tasted of hibiscus blossoms"


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I couldn’t go downstairs.

Louis Belfast

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"You know, there really is a death of the heart."

The Grilled Saint

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When asked to turn over the Church's riches / he brought before the Roman prefect the poor, blind, ragged and infirm.

Forty Days of Fasting

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Broken Waters

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Dust to Dust

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Perhaps archaeologists will unearth our bodies and miss our minds.

Junkyard Angel Baby Nomad

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"We gotta get out of here", you said

Walking With The Moon

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I heard a voice. It was calling me as from a far-off cloud. I listened, holding my breath, and heard it again, though fading away, barely audible. If I hadn't known my name I wouldn't have decrypted it. Three hazy syllables clearly detached with a sigh between each of…

Summer Drive

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Home is but a picture

chicken little considers the sky again (a parable for our time)

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oh, sure i’m still running around like a heads-up/off/prophet/profit/fit trying to cut off my very own de/(con)instruction and all other sordid a•void•able & available /a-Babel-Trumpish towers of post & toastmodern doom/daze/haze

Pirate Ship

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I was a disaster at first, a thousand Light years ago. We sail the seas we're given Like all of you, but that doesn't mean we get To survive like you. Our course may have blown us Completely off the map. When that happens you Don't…

Triolets: Jonah’s Lyric in the Fish

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Two Weeks in a Dristan Land

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I smelled the bleach of burst anemones the sweet arousal of the Dungeness crabs the seaweed of sour twigs and feces

Not Lao-tzu's Magna Carta, xlvi - liv

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the Great Way itself is very smooth and straight,/but folks take to the challenge of rough, wild roads.

yet mo bands

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Doofus National Puppet Radio Total Bogascity Sex Cowards Mein Kampfire Boner Hyperventilate Sewer Video Rats Psychic Umbrella Fire Your Psychic! Tender Brisket Megatrouser Puzzlement University Housecoats Fuchsia Big Ass Dawn

Sin Curve

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Sin? Nah. There’s just kindness and hurt.

Jonah Boards a Ship

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A New Notion about an Old Story

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A dark girl, quite poor, maybe three, maybe four, leaned on a statue of a horse and his man. (The rider rode him in place, but as if in a race.) Her dress needed patching, her heart needed smoothing. She'd tried to sell…

50 Ways to Leave Your Facebook

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The problem is all inside the newsfeed I tell my friends.I'd like to help you in your skedaddle from this screen.The answer is easy if we'd bother to read.There must be 50 ways to leave your Facebook.Just slip out to Instagram Stan.Don't need to Tweet Pete.Just drop off…


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In his head thinks he whenever I wake I shall have a very fine discussion with Someone, oh but finding meaning in anything that's Just too much rich flattery, isn't it? Inside His head he thinks I am writing like A New York genius, but…

Water Break

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When you are one of themit makes perfect sense tome; you're one of them, arewe supposed to believe,no shadow? When you areone of them, they say youfall asleep with a peacefulsmile. When you're one withthem, watch as I run toher naked body. Whenyou are one of them, youhave…


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Crows etc.

No Future

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