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Not Making Heads or Tales

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Something about shadows and last time and driving.

Voices of the Dying

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raging on road and page

Kindred Spirits

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Clearing out was a familiar concept, and though Katie sensed a friend, she felt it best to filter the details.

The bamboo stick

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I no longer go for walks without my bamboo stick. Tightly held in my hand, thin and light, it beats the invisible particles which try to land on me and bite. My face is hidden as in shame under a rough gag, my hands are getting rusty, missing the touch of other hands. My…


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As if reaching for the Divine was the problem

One old and one new

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served as it is/ among these friends. The frayed filaments/ tickle my chin and irritate my nostrils,

A journal of the plague year: Today

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Stacking wood, unpacking life.


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Adam, bronze and lithe, runs laps on the beach

Swiss Sushi vs. Swish Suzi

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There being so few venues for Lapp dancing in Lausanne in those days, Swish Suzi took a job in a Swiss sushi bar.

Suspicious Activity

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I go down to pick up R and get a cartridge of black ink for the printer. It's an extremely pleasant summer day — early afternoon — and the air is exemplary: clear and sweet. So far so good. But as soon as I park and go to a nearby cash machine the fun begins.…

Moscow Mitch by Henry Gibson

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Moscow Mitch is Putin's bitch, Rubles makin' him rich, Time to ditch his hitch. Hear? --the end --


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We sat on the back porch of my house drinking Teacher’s whiskey. Fred gripped my arm. “You remember that story about my friend from high school whose dad mistook him for a deer and shot him in the heart with a Remington? Well, it isn’t true.

Frank & Frank

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Ok, so I know this guy, he's a friend of mine. A good friend, even though I think he's left too big a tip on the bar more than once. His name is Frank.

Conspiracy Theory

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We're not running this by the women. We'll tell them what they like. We've always done that.

The Wave

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Crispcrashingcoldan interlude from youThe pebbles pulled back and forthlike side stepping nailswhite frothan interlude from youThe sun likeA camellia for herCrispColddropsflicking on her face.An interludefrom you.

Campaign Speech

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I'd like to be re-elected so this statement is false.

The Magic Bullet

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One bullet changed the world. Hard to believe, but there it is. I'm going to tell you how and why, but I don't know where to start… not yet. How about a quotation to kick this off, something…


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I feel more like sprouts than cucumbers. Oh, hey. Icame here to tell you something you already know, butmaybe can't remember. Or maybe it's me who is rememberingsomething I meant to say, but didn't. Oh, hey. There's alphalfa and mung bean. I love these skinny little…

Cloud 9, Really?

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I wonder, just a thought Who even dreamt to Teach a pig Latin? And why a starfish Mirrors the stars We do not know There’s a whole lot To wonder about Like, I don’t know How about Cloud 9? I want to know what happened On Cloud

Alex Kraft and the Otherworld: Prologue through Chapter 7

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Prologue Late at night, an old man named Drevin Philpott stands on the deck of a cruise ship, looking out at the sea. The man is hunched and very small. His arms and legs are thin and he's got a bowling ball for a gut. He's standing on a chair so he can…

Ring Toss

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The Toad King

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“I come from a long line of Toad Kings,” Huckleberry said, “and we never back down from a bet.”Phyllis, a great white heron, lowered her long white neck so she could get a better look into her friend's golden eyes.“I just think you…

At the Cafe

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The light on his face from a lamp Felt hat with a black band Scrunched down The nose creating a strong shadow With dark, straight eyebrows under the hat Red and orange beard Leaning forward at the café table, watching A damp curl of ha

Biden Buys Off Brazil

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Biden Buys off Brazil, Kenya, Italy, Spain, Australia, and scores of other countries to exaggerate the effects of Covid-19 someone's racist coworker has just reported.

Tarzan Syndrome Breakout

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“In a former life, I was a grad student teaching classes and working on my doctorate. Then one morning, I shot my academic advisor. Went from university to penitentiary in no time at all.”

AKA Finch

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You know my crime. You must, because it's only spawned like ten thousand documentaries, feature films, books, and now all the Website and blogs and podcasts and whatever set up by the obsessives. The only thing I'll say about the 50…

vers libre inexplicable, mock sonnet, half villanelle

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this vaudeville world has turned all into stage: / every domain and institution—staged.

Life in Outer Space

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Conveniently, the vistor had arrived when she was between tasks. It was still difficult for her to believe that it had occurred but she had the tangible proof there in front of her, within reach.

It's the Great Conspiracy, Danny Brown

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Danny was only ten years old when he first met the man in the suit. His machine looked like a plotter and it was, sort of, but also something of a plot device.

Future People

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It’s hard for me to think further into the future, to imagine what might remain of us, distant by thousands of years, not knowing the magnitude of petrochemical company lying about the half-lives of plastics.