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The Moons of Jupiter

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There's a mutual recognition...


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Long slow night / moody lumbering freight train

Talking about a Friend Over a Cup or Two of Coffee

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Talking about a Friend Over a Cup or Two of Coffee “Their first fight was over school lunches. Free school lunches. She taught Kindergarten in a public special ed center for emotionally disturbed children. The…

Peace in the Backyard

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No lies in the sky

Fuck Men!

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I talk wands and magic and how women aren't supposed to care, but I do, and she talks length and girth. Her fiancé has neither, she makes an illustration with her pinky and says that if they don't marry within the year, she's dumping his ass and we

Birthday Boy

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"I called him a fucking loser and left."

No Hay Bandaid

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Pain is the saddle which rides me Pain is the cowboy's gun More morphing, please!


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sleeping away the remembering

A Short Pause to Remember her Eyes

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I can still remember her eyes shedding light over me. Sparks were gathered in them, always present, always radiating messages. They would have been there when she looked down at me, after her long ordeal of flushing me out, seeing me close to her, all soggy and red,…

Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and A Nice Hot Bath: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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Actress Rita Moreno wakes up humming.People (5/1/17)Riding a roller coaster with your partner makes you more attractive to each other. People (5/1/17)The image on the commemorative stamp the Central African Republic recently issued to honor film legend Marilyn Monroe…


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The line weights are spot on/ and the snap of lines is textbook/ for a discipline that died with AutoCad


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Dressed as an English professor on Halloween I escape the red devil and run downtown. I go to the Art Car hangar I dance, I swing my golden brown briefcase

No doubt... no donuts

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea goddamn culpa....


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The death of light is not darkness but a dimming. Something stays, still.

To the Manchester Children's Monster

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“As you do it unto the least of these so you do it unto me.” —Jesus These children that you murder are not your enemy. They are not your pain or your personal sorrow. They are, if anything, flowers blowing and …

The Beast Remembers Its Promise

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It's a good thing—because Of the way that feeling Made her even more beautiful. You shouldn't doubt such a Feeling. It's a good thing— Because frankly you have Been informed. When Beauty Loses her way, even The…

Boardroom Bullshit

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Push the envelope

A Bench With A Name

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Benches could tell you many tales if they could see and talk. I'm privileged: I can do both. To begin with I'm quite an antique, been here for probably a century now, though I've lost count of the years passing by. I'm standing, firmly bolted down, under a plane…


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...ghosts still resentful, ghosts far from home...

How to Stop Doing and Be

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Monday will come soon enough to get/ what needs to be done, done.

Go Forth

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People Who Go to Poems for Truth

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People Who Go to Poems for Truth


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My lair entrapped in an accordion building - sound squeezing up and then down and then up - the flat above me vacant for a while. Then... clipclop...…

Napomo 17: April 25 - 30

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As air warms and warm/ winds stir, green becomes the force/ that surges the plains.

A Shot at Pool

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New waitress/bartender draws my attention to bare ankles and red hair

The Whole Debt

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just when the sky was dark with birds, the ground black with snakes, the river choked with otters, the mesa teeming with beetles, the mountains pocked with bees...

You Got a Second

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“There's daytime and there's nightwatchman-time. “We have the Number One Rule - kill time without checking every two minutes to see how dead she is. Don't slip into the habit of watching the clock, if you get the…

news through a window

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TV and power cord valorized in dust,/ wires and digital guts unimpaired, I’d guess . . .


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I met Lenina in Moscow, huddled in the snow, peddling dill & rusty carrots. We became close friends. In pre-'democracy' times, she taught Gorbachev law. But after the fall of the USSR ... a survival in sub zero temperatures. This poem is dedicated to her