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The Tale of a Fat Ugly Crow on a May Afternoon

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a fat crow rapturously caws over its good fortune... not a morsel left on the street, not even a bloodstain

The Space That Contains More Space Than The Space It Contains

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unnamed entity

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Make me God, of flesh and mud

I'll Show You God

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...the room was filled with a brightness and a breeze, making you think you were up in the clouds.

A Borrowed Barrow

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It was a battered, creaky, rickety old thing, this wheelbarrow. It had two wooden handles with cracks running through the wood, a fat rubber wheel and a deep tray encrusted with the mud and plaster and grout that it had transported through decades of heavy use. Based on…

Nervous-WRECK *VEEK*

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[Scumbag scumbag ― fuck you!!! Stop reading this it's my private JOURNAL!!! Thanks. ;) ]


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you told me this morning


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Polly hated high school. She hated all the routines: the getting up in the morning, the waiting for the bus, worrying about being late, all the other kids, you name it.

Our Faces

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Our faces collide, but we remaininside a weather box, creatinga tide of our own. Oh, Mary, thencame the wreckage of a new morrow,and with it, unspeakable sorrow,as the crowd crushed us beneath its foamand wave--no one was saved, Mary--allhearts were returned to once and…