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El Dia de los Muertos

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"The path back to the living must not be made slippery by tears." (Mexican proverb)Marigolds blaze yellow under Oaxacan sun.Their slender necks stretch above fern foliage.Stars of this late October hillside, they drapetheir riches over the edges of terra cottalike…

Dancing in Santa Fe

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Once you learn to dance you never forget.

There There There

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i hear the boom boom boom in the room room room

End Game

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The will to make/ remains

The Best Seller

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The thing to do was to write a novel, quickly, Tom Clancy style, before the big game, then get it instantly published and cash in.

Fireflies Flew Out of the Slice of Life

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In the beginning there was salt God licked the salt and said it was Good. Then there was Light Then Chocolate The rest is just History It’s no great Mystery Oh, and Fireflies Fireflies with Due Dates Flew out of the Slice of Life S

Mean People Suck

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He said his wife levitated.

Orphan of Covington

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Any one of them could have been his mother.

The numbers never lie...

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You can box the hell out of a guy with your hands, but if you're in his head? He's already down.

A Brief History of The Real

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A little contempuous aside by the critical theorist guy, Frederick Jameson-- that it was logically absurd to call anything that human beings do, produce or affect “unnatural”-- has brought forth the following. We are…

Tinkler Man

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As the light changed and exhaustion set in, Suzy and Molly batted back and forth one more knock knock joke to avoid going home.

When the Moon Becomes the Sun

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While most spread their time in other occupation, I traveled through books and grew my imagination. I knew endless bliss. I was a book eater. I would just devour books that I loved and slug through those I didn't, just to make myself eat the truths and li

Drainmen Ch. 6

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My days go the way of blind alleys and it has been so for years. Over and over, with the same men saying the same things in the same way. The ever-present rain on my head. Stabbing at rubbish hours on end. Watching the great locomotive rise higher, a little higher, every…

In the Life

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You had autumn in your hair I liked the way you sat at a table And drank champagne My past years have carried me To sixteen countries Christ, we have so much to share Listen, I know how the other half lives And we can’t live like that an

Nowhere At All (Times Seven)

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It's just an echo. Someone that I knew. I meant to answer you, stranger, but the stars kept ringing in my ear. You don't get any of it back. You just get to see the book closing in your hands or someone else's lap. Listen. I'm not sorry I…

The Continuum of Flames

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Molly was from dull and wet Kansas City, Missouri, where she learned to pass the time in the many record shops and bars that lined it's inconspicuously storied streets, catching the attention of a young red blooded all American Kansas City man, from time

When Mistakes Are Made

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He also looked at the tv with a detachment he sensed was dangerous and the sensation scared him so he ran into the kitchen and felt ashamed alone in the hot room and trembled.

Nemesis' Rainbow

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The moon has a cloud pass before it. The strop has a razor pulled up-and-down, up-and-down, up and down against it.

Albert Einstein and The Definition of Wishful Thinking

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It's been said the scoreboard doesn't lie. By that measure, she didn't have much to boast about. No job. No money. No husband. No kid...She could spin it any way she liked. Her life was not looking good.