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Each angry man leaps from a boy tempered by existential harm.

Once Again

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Bruce kept his seat, waiting for those in the aisle to begin filing out. But they weren’t moving, and neither was he.

dream girl

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friends come in dreams

Djibouti to Pape'ete and beyond (a love story)

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He could tell you, but he won't. You had to be there. You were not. You were here.

Kentucky Silk

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... and August's drought/ will yellow lawns, singe the shrubs,/ and amplify cicada song.

Blades of Grass

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What are the odds of August rain in Texas?

Accepting New Patients

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You've had some truly awful shit pumped into your brains for years at a time now. The practice started a long time ago. It's not always your fault. The only lasting way to get it out of your head is to go and figure out exactly where…


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Got something inside me hard as nails keeps me walking upright ain't never failed

The Woman Who Loved Water

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I hear the woman upstairs running water. But that's incorrect. I should say the woman upstairs is running from water. She loves water. And water loves her. She loves cooking and doing dishes but especially running water. She runs water all day doing dishes, doing laundry…

The Oxymoronic Life of a Nearly Dead Woman

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I could have a minor stroke.

The Black Madonna

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They say I am filthy. On this high pillar I perch like a stuffed avian relic, flightless, no prey. The horizon before me is broken by scuff and foreign tongue, by atomized evil. Pleas, and there are many, are answered by the only prayer I know, the one prayer, which…

Dog Days

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Those years were hellish I'll admit / then they were done with her and came / at me furiously hell hounds of divorce and/ sadness biting my ankles and sending me / lurching again through the K-Mark parking lot

In The Garden of Unclaimed Urns

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The world has a way of losing its keys; forgetting its late condolences.

Watching the End of the World from the Beginning of a Revolution

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We were always going to be here. This isn't thebig reveal. It's not even the best last joke. That's to come. Like the apocalypse that it always wants tobe, like playing with the big planet gods. Nothing says we're all doomed like another cold beer. Wave the…

Beauty Fell Through the Roof

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Yet tenderness resided here among the canvases, the tubes of paint, brushes, and candle wax; the splatters of discarded ideas. We made love the way people said prayers


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"[A]ppointed an official supplier of watches for the Ministry of Defence of the Soviet Union in 1965."


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The superhero is out there in the fields, discovering herself.

1 Mil = One-Tenth of a Cent

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Thankfully I don't have to share my Jim Beam with the cat.


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A tree reflection in the pond. Girls sitting on a bench hemming the water. Eating their lunch. Suzie was there too in her school uniform. She was watching the ripples stirring the water. Ducks and insects adding their own spins. Actually, Suzie's head was in the…

Impeach? or Impale?

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Impale or impeach Impeach or impale Either way you can't fail Which is it gonna be?

The End

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"Tell me what you remember."

prayers for meatwagons

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prayers for meatwagons prayers from meatwagons too: / things can happen in intersections aspeed / with two ambulances from separate streets.

Dead Uncle

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When Roy had seen the first of the movies in his dorm's weekend double feature that night (the University of Maine at Orono — as Stephen king once quipped, “that crossword-puzzle favorite”) …

The Drainman - Ch. 1

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When the old sky deepened into hard blue we walked arm in arm to the station where we sat beside a man we couldn't seem to see, sitting at a table next to us. A kind of a love story. He held a cup of coffee to his mouth or,…

Naming the Scourge We Made

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To give proper credit where due, one name suffices for what humanity likely will be dealing with for decades or centuries to come, and that name is “Technogenic Climate Change”.

The Home Front

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a small piece of a world at war

The Squirm

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In the cafeteria we have the cheese fries. Sara's favorite. She eats with two fingers, pinching like a crane. Cheese drips and she licks the fingers. She licks the plate. She goes for it. Big Lulu, the cook, calls from the back. “That's what I like to…

Puppet X, 5

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A man learns too late How small deer laugh It’s true When a man goes mad Ropes come down from the clouds He cannot be sure of anything Anything The way’s uncharmed He thinks someone else’s strange thoughts And it all seems a simple