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I'd Be Happy To Date You When Hell Freezes Over -- One Single Librarian's Collection Of Online Dating Profile Turnoffs

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Dude -- I DON'T want to date your boat!


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In a time of drought,/ the sound of rain is sweet/ and joyful music.

All About the Tumor

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Stupidity is not a mask; it is the face / and it is the face that betrays us / always.

Over Fifty

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Yet it was another thing to grow to become indispensable to someone without whose infirmities the helper could not exist. People in general had started to call that helpless requiring “codependency,” but to Althea that word did no good,

An Extremely Complex Fall Evening

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Soon the entire sky load of constellations was carried across the bumpy fields

Tell Me Where the Cows Are

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Pholcidae...Daddy Long-Legs

The Player

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He played real good But never looked At no one Strong guitar Weak knees

Dear Mr. Sorrentino

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The Atlantic

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Phoebe-Lou Adams wrote this of them

Jesus, Zombie

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"Jesus was a zombie?" I ask, shocked.

Within You and Without You

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The cloudless sky/ amplifies the incompletion,/ clarifies the imperfections/ of the night’s normalcy-

What Gorillas 'Talk' About When Gorillas 'Talk' About Love

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Eons later, Bobo evolves into Shakespeare. Bonus feature: wings.


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Always in a hurry/to spoil your/weekend

It’s About This Drawing ...

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Shall I or shall I not? Will I or ... ? I'm pacing up and down the footpath, looking in the shop windows: a hairdresser's salon, a massage parlour, a piercing studio, a tattoo shop. The street that sees me as a regular.I've been hesitating for quite a few months now,…

Silent Noodles, Swimming Pools and the ACLU: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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You might want to think twice before inviting Henry David Thoreau to your next dinner party...

November Is The Month Of Dying

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Two weeks after All Souls’ Day, he trudges through the overgrown pasture behind the farmhouse, his head bent, intent on his footing, a shovel his walking stick.

Perilous Joy

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...bush tail beside him his closest comfort next to the genes...

Wake Me Up

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Kissing In a Warm Car

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Then I did the same to you, inhaling your scent which was one thing at your hairline and another at your collarbone.

The Bedbugs

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Cockroaches in bed was the last straw. Alicia was sure she’d swallowed one in the middle of the night . . .


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When the poet loves,/ I said, quoting the poet,/ he loves himself.

marc bolan

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marc bolan mind rolling


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We may think about so many things and thoughts about rain. We may think about where it is going, where it comes from.

Slap Happy

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If you were a poem / it’d be called/ Better Homes and Gardens.

Got A Light

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The Catholic wedding was my idea even though the only god I believe in is Gary Stewart's vibrato (especially in "Ten Years of This").


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Life is meagre with me; I am unsatisfied and left always begging for __________.

First Date

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She was rags and hair with a shot of ragamuffin. Skin dusty white, her eyes aqua green. She strolled toward me like the last word, adrift within her own circumstance.


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The Little Hen

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Janet must not have known that she was just a little hen with not much more brain than a tiny bird. She believed she knew everything, how to get around the place, how to defend herself, and how to make up her own mind. She felt she didn't have to learn and was convinced she…


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I still see Big Mama leaning over her garden to pick a zinnia to put in her still life. Her old pink slip, hanging diagonally a foot under her hiked up, ragged, stained dress, half covered by her paint smock, which matched her white, faux fur, bedroom sli