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Abra Cadaver

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The body is an endless safari filled with rhino sightings and encounters with antelope.

From The Chronicles of His Demise

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I am not the wind./ I am a stone eroded by the wind

I fall out of love, learn not to worry, and get ready to embrace the foreign war...

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Love hurts... Really.


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feeling empty as the bottom of a bottle dry as a bone in death valley alone

The Cicada's Complaint

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Shiva and Zeus convene a focus group. “It wouldn’t work,” the panel votes. “Those leaf eaters would strip the trees and crops if we let them come back every year.” “That’s true,” Jehovah reasons. “Remember that plague of locusts I sent down?”

Trouble behind, trouble ahead, and you know that notion's stole from the Dead

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...she shouted, “Benny!” and slowed down as a hand-lettered signboard proclaiming zukeeny appals cidar came into view

Donnie's end

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I pointed, trying to keep a rising frisson of alarm from my voice.


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...a session/ of hide and seek/ among the syllables.


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My father owned a penny arcade. I worked for him every summer all during my youth. My job was to hand green tickets to customers who achieved a certain score on Skee-Ball or shuffleboard. The coupons could be redeemed for merchandise which we had on display on…

The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon

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Lord knows we all tried to stop him from doing it. You're crazy we said. This makes you look like a lunatic. They'll hunt you down in even heavier droves now. You've upset their delicate memories. I tried to stop it. That's cow territory my friend I…

The Ballad Of John & Yoko

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"A bit less hot Tuesday"

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The faces of the sun remain unaltered across the seven day forecast. I am sweat-glued to a poem, looking up at the wall-mounted TV in a diner in the Valley

2 Haiku

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We’re heading to a Poetry reading when my wife Says “You owe me one” Coming back from the Poetry reading, my wife says “You owe me, big time”

Bone & Air

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Devoid of flesh and muscle, Composed of bone and air.

Buddha in the backyard

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He sits ...


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I was in the middle of placing my order for what the menu called a “scrambled egg rocket” and what the rest of us would have called scrambled eggs in a buttered hot dog bun when Ron interrupted me to…

Hospital, or Depression III

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Yes sir, I confess there have been timeswhen I did not care how young the earth isor take pride in how she sprang back to greenregardless of how hard the snow fought.There have been times, yes, when I lacked the willto notice such things and knew that belowthe water's…

Morning Thoughts (3)

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Words travel ...

When Lightning Strikes Men

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God created everything except apparently women's bodies, for which they are entirely themselves to blame.

My Mistress

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the ex now alien


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I’m afraid

Barbarian(s) Within the Gates

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This writers' conference (sponsored by VQR, which had run its banner ad atop the Fictionaut home page in the summer of 2014, which begins to explain both my attendance and this essay) revealed itself as an apt subject . . .

Tahoe's Tears

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A villanelle


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dance with me, if only

All Things

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Thank you for all things beautiful.And to you: you shouldn't have tosell your soul for a crust of bread.You shouldn't have to sell your soulfor a little cash. You shouldn'thave to sell your soul for a safeplace to lay down your body. Thanksfor life's restless feelings,…

How We Open Doors

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-- as if I had / only rung the rusted bell --

She's Up a Level

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[FUN FACT: Can you name the 3 80's sitcom stars who asked cops when they were pulled over for a speeding ticket, 'Don't you KNOW WHO I AM!' Answer: It's not just three!]

Where is Home?

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We are both 53 and this is the first time I’ve gotten past a third date with anyone from Match. Seth is different. I’m not sure why. My therapist said, “Well, maybe you’ll be good for each other. You both have to accept that you are recovering, or in reco

The List

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Agnes folded the magazine in her lap. It was one of those women's magazines that had a picture of a supermodel on the cover. The girl was pencil thin and not that attractive, at least not as far as Agnes was concerned, and she was surrounded by boldface words encouraging…

April Wheeler

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Where am I? The void between life and death. The light at the end is flickering, not as bright nor as strong as I’d hope it would be.