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Lingering Over Language

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The mornings he comes in

There Were Giants In Those Days, and the Wickedness of Men

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We laugh at them, parading two-by-two, the elephants rolling tail to trunk across the makeshift gangplank, wide slats flexing under their sway. A pair of snakes contemplates gulping a pair of frogs and their clandestine movements stun a cricket and his mate. Birds squat…

This Is It

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The year begins well here with much needed rain and tee-shirt temperatures.

Routine or Rock with Tina Fey

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The routine really begins as I wash my hands, an excellent habit in this age of the covid, get out of my work clothes and into my "house" threads.


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At fifteen...

Aphorisms and Asides on States of American Fiction

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The second anniversary of Quillette's 7 January 2020 piece “National Book Foundation Defines Diversity Down” (byline: Kevin Mims) is upon us. The piece seems not to have been overread or much remembered over the interim . . .

When I was little

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I was little, very little, when Happiness went away. I moved the entire earth, walked in the ferns, poked in the river. Happiness had disappeared. I looked to the sky. I remember, the sun had the porous face of an orange. Not unlike my skin. My eyes fixed above, I saw it…

Struck Silent by Whalesong

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Later, she slipped back into her care home bed in the Dementia wing of the building, and breathed some shallow breaths.

Cleft-Split Rock

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Walking here with you on these narrow strands


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When we were young and small we played in the orchard. Mom made apple pies and fried apples, caramel apples and apple sauce, apple cider. Grandma’s apple butter recipe.

The Song Left in Me

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The sky’s on fire with existence When I’m around you Your wandering kisses enter my soul But your quiet beauty may be What really carries you It is like Finding and touching the Pearl of existence To be near you Was that your tattoo

Peak Performance

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“It's not like a lobotomy at all,” Dr. Esther said. I could hear the frustration in her voice. I had interrupted her to say that the procedure she was describing sounded an awful lot like one, and that I knew about Frances Farmer and that Kennedy sister that…

Lost Keys

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The most unoriginal, trite and hackneyed story ever written!

John Nixon Cummin' in Matt Hogue.

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[FARCICAL STATUS ... Keep going to Ladd's, you fucking losers! #talesofatwentyFOURyearoldNOTHING]

The Last Time (Revised Version)

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we met you wanted tobe hungrily kissed inthe dark with a small moonfor your only pillowand just stars for your billowingnightgown. How am Ito go forward with somuch sweet chaos on mymind? I am wrecked uponyour lips like a deliriousdilapidatedold sailor who embracesthe…