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late winter light

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curled in

Conversations with my brother

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Maybe it takes as much fortitude To forget As it does To remember.

You May Be

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beautiful, but you don't own beauty. You may be sexy, but you don't own desire. You may be smart, but you don't own wisdom. You may be good and kind, but you don't own love. You may like trees, but you don't own the forest. You may like to…

My Tutor

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The snapdragon has now achieved absolute resonance, the gateways on either side are fully opened wide with beautiful iridescent curtains billowing out in high frequency spectrum waves producing a very pleasant ecstatic effect within observer's sensory app

From the Plague Year 2020 Part 2

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So today was basically mellow. The blue jays argued over who would bathe first in my fountain. When a squirrel showed up, the birds left, but the doves took their place. Our local woodpecker, apparently recovered from a day long headbanging session, returned to the…

Cardboard Cemetery

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their hollow voices cry out to not be forgotten


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A riot of greens

The Young Woman Swimming

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She stepped inlike ice alonecould save hershe dived,slicing the wavewith her body her fresh pony tailsubmergedlike a silk scarfthen swam moving thewater awaylike whirlpoolscould hold her buoyantly save her from the headachewhispering wordsThey had been there all…

Your party invitation just arrived (guest poem by Carolyn Martin)

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"I’d rather move a word around a page than raise a glass or pass a plate or work a room immune to poetry."

Ace Reporter

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God, how I smite them.

Return to the Nudist Camp

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I know you probably don’t want to hear any more of this nudist stuff about my family and all, but this Reamer guy was a red-faced German boozehound if there ever was one. He married my brother’s ex-wife Beryl, after Harris left her to her cheap red jug wi

A Most Uncertain Fiction

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This is only fiction. This is only fiction. This is only fiction.

Lines Written After Reading Women in Their Beds

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In the beds of women all my life I sought to sleep like God in France./ I visited Jodi, she’d collapsed sideline at her daughter’s soccer game.


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Molly stared at the woman behind the desk with a headset attached to her head, and sighed.