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There are things we must not say.

More from the Chronicles of His Demise

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Only scotch and cheap champagne/ retain their reliable flavors.

Moles & Scraps

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A starved hunchbacked figure covered in blanket gently steers a one eyed dog along with him. A four legged shadow serving as his longtime companion against the all-consuming vacuum of the universe. A friend for all times.A thin scar runs from his cheekbone to…

The Little Things (three versions)

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It's the little things that trip us up: a small hole in a level field, an innocuous root in a well-trod path, a disinclined sidewalk...

Growing older, uncomfortably

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Cafés just aren´t cool anymore unless they boast walls of exposed brick, pipes, half a chair nailed to the ceiling, mis-matched furniture back-breakingly uncomfortable.


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when the mirror cracks my eyes won't cry it's a perfectly respectable (romance) between her and i

Neuro-Harmonic Conspiracy

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You, a Story

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I don't need to be toldhow beautiful you are.I'm reminded everytime I open my eyes.What I want to know iswhere you have gone. Whyhas it taken you solong to return? But Iknow the answer. You aresomewhere fighting for yourlife. It's what we all doin our own way. I…


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the magic is our making


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Julia liked her shoes. They were made of suede. Blue. With a low platform sole. A small size for small feet. Julia was eight. They weren't school shoes; parties and special outings only. They had been a Christmas present from Aunty Molly. The box had been wrapped in red…


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rheumy eyes wink, gnarled hands pantomime

Watching Bobbie Die

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It was all about the war.

Lost Splendors

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“I have a theory,” she said on their first date, which was at an Indian restaurant where the music was a lovely singsong but the chef seemed enraged as he clapped a ball of dough between his hands, then threw it into the flames. And her date, whom she…

Noir in cadence

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...hup hup hup...

Body Parts

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They were playing chess with body parts of children they had sacrificed to God.

Puppet X, 2

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It’s important to sound Human, I know To get fragile Near your Mother I myself Get glimpses Now & then Once, Eating chicken, staring At the inside Of a muscle Once During a bad thunderstorm While running down the stairs


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there is a vault in the mountains / that in itself contains infinite vaults

Three Small Ekphrastic Objects

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Agamemnon and Menelaus were/ complete creeps. Achilles was// a pompous piece of shit.

Cathedral Garden

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the whirlpool of what

Blank Checks

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Then he said something that really made sense, said he kept a blank check in his back pocket...

philanthropy from a cardboard box + a detour to Han-shan

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philanthropy corrugated with a smirk/printed aside every cardboard box and room/every cardboard house with every cardboard door.

More Corpses

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(I would cite here “corpse plumbers”, but I fear being misconstrued.)

Out of the frying pan...

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the pressure from my lungs threatened to burst my eardrums.

The Hour of the Wolf

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Beneath an opal moon, the open field and wilderness across it look immersed in varying shades of blue. A strong night howler blows across a little girl's face as she walks the field as if in a trance; her whole visage framed against the backdrop of this very act …

Goodnight, Travel Well

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An excerpt.

Sudden Window

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There is someone looking for youfor him or herself. I don't know if they'll keep on looking forever when we live our present lives so far apart from each other. You might as well be behind a glass at all times. But I still would want that lucky…

Animal Crush

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two pairs of arms and legs

Speak Softly, Tricky Man

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Snow fell against the windows casting shadows that danced like fireflies or flame—he couldn’t make out which for sure. He’d tumbled and bounced from balcony to balcony, the snow calming with the winds and gently falling, now.

Land of Manana (ruff)

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In the Land of Manana tomorrow knows best and is never rushed. That is why it might take five, six days, or more, for tomorrow to ever show up. Even so, never on the Sabbath.There are those who take this inexact passage of time as a personal affront to their dignity.…

An Answer

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"Why?" is the question I ask, but no one is around to answer. What would an answer change anyway? But it is all I can do. So it is all I can do.